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well, you could take a screenshot, print it, and 

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Actually another helpful hint: its all click, no drag.

Thank you for playing!! I think what makes it so hard is that the (hidden) cursor is a bit to the top and left of the right hand so you need to aim a bit of the bottom and right of where you want to click. Should just show the cursor... 🙈

A masterpiece!

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Thank you! Knife sandwich is my favorite too! I promise I'll make more food games in the future :P 

OMG you two are so cute! This was such a pleasure to watch! Glad you had fun making a mess 🤣

thanks so much for playing! I had so much fun watching you play!
sorry for the bad camera controls 🙈
"more cheese" - couldn't agree more! 

No, unfortunately the knife is completely useless, and there is only one height for everything. Sorry!

Hey there, thanks for your feedback!
This year I'm making 12 games in 12 months, so they are all rather abandoned prototypes. Not sure I'll work on any of them again, since I'm already on to the next and the one after that 😅 And the typo is on purpose 😁

Feel free to check out  the entire 12in12 collection.

I love this comment. It is so on point 🥰

thanks so much! don't even know what it looks like in ultrawide. send me a screenshot?

delicious! did you make this for someone special? 😁

Sangwich by Riker (

We actually didn't want people to know what they are supposed to do. The letter is shown too short on purpose. The idea of the game is to figure out what to feed and not to feed the monster. If we told the player exactly what to do, there would be nothing left to figure out. There isn't much to do as it is... 

Thanks for playing and for your kind feedback! 🤩

have done 6 games so far, but will play more this weekend. thanks for the reminder!

I really enjoyed this game. The color scheme is fantastic, the music was super fitting, and Death has never been hotter, smoother or naughtier. A platforming game that is really all about flirting is my kind of game. I couldn't have finished without Cukia taking over at some point because it got a little too tough for someone as impatient as me, but it was really well designed and paced for what it was trying to do. And I'm very glad you let me choose to be my own hero in the end, although I was very tempted to find out what kind of "experiments" Death had in stock for me ;) 

I would definitely buy this game.

The letter is only shown for that short amount of time and then broken on purpose because we just want to give an idea that there are things you should and shouldn't feed it, and the point of the game is to try and find out which ones will keep him calm. That's it. We spent most of our time struggling to get it performant and obviously didn't succeed. The game design was quite neglected because of that, but its more supposed to be a playground where everything breaks. I think I wanted an ending where at some point time runs out and the owner comes back and then reacts depending on how destroyed the apartment is, and what mood the monster is in, but since you can't really place furniture properly back where it belongs, that would be too much too ask.

If people just throw stuff around and have fun, that's the most I'm expecting out of this prototype. And hopefully think its cute :P

Try feeding it cookies and books.

Great job, I really enjoyed this experience, your writing is very good. Great use of sound! I would recommend styling this baby up with CSS and using the typewriter effect, screenshake and the timed macro to make for more dramatic effects. Also when you reach an ending, consider putting a link back to the menu/start so I don't have to restart the page to play again.  Also don't forget to give credit to the origin of audio files.

Wow wow wow wow wow. Such polish, so much juice, all them feelings. Well fucking done! 

I would describe this as Thomas Was Alone meets Super Meat Boy. The visuals nd particle effects and narrative and sound effects and music and level design all come together so beautifully. The one thing I must criticize as game design teacher, is the controls. For most purposes arrow keys and spacebar worked fine but you cannot complete the last section without an extra hand for the mouse. The only way I could complete was to switch to WASD and mouse for jump and have my boyfriend play :D

I would personally change it so that JUMP is on W and ARROW UP to not have to stretch my hand and brain that much while PANICKING because of all that exciting ATMOSPHERE! As you can see, I still have not recovered. This gonna win something.

YAY! I'm a sucker for farming games! 
The pixel font was a little hard to read when there's lots of text like in the controls and gameplay section. I would make sure to disable the game UI when in menu to avoid accidentally planting stuff. Of course I forgot the controls immediately when the game started and couldn't pull them up again. Couldn't figure out how to pick up the boards of wood. Must have been some kind of bug, worked fine after restarting. But then I couldn't get the watering can to work, and gave up. Took me a while to realize that I just kept picking up bottles and then trashing them. Hopefully I won't need those later :D Personally, I would just have the character run always. Walking speed is too slow and having to keep 2 buttons pressed at all times is tedious. 

I love this game! The art style is beautiful, and it was quite intuitive to play. I would probably prefer using 2 different controls for harvesting and building. Some gates seem to work just fine even though they were not technically build, though? Or were those spots really close together? Could do with a little balancing, but anyway I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I really liked this one. Its gorgeous, the ducks animation is silly and fun, and I loved the whole vibe of walking around and exploring the environment as the sun sets... Well DONE!!! Of course I would have loved to actually make potions. And sad I "lost" on day 2. I gathered so much stuff. Could probably use some playtesting and balancing.

I'm so sorry. Should put a warning in the description. I think we pushed Clayxels and our computers to their breaking point... Thank you for playing!!!