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Thats really nice man. I will surely be waiting for it =)

This was a really neat and a nice puzzle game. As a GD player you are,the idea of making a game (I dont know if u took it from here or was your own but) inspired from concept of GD's cube where he wont just stop or go back, to apply here as a puzzle game was really really nice. There were places where I got surprised that I got stuck in such a wide open lookin puzzles but they were pretty good and quite got me at places. Keep up the good work and if you make any game in future I will surely give it a go! =)

This was a pretty cool game. Jumpscares got me really really good, sunflower room with that spider was very creepy n creepy to listen those sounds as well but the only problem I have with this game is its plot and riddle which quite tough. I have no clue what that ending was kinda like. Like wife got kidnapped then us n we r put in this Saw type situation where u cant just win n ends with ghost type stuff in murder or deep web type dungeon which feels quite odd. But other than that this was quite fun to play

An Everyday Episode of Great Scooby Dooby Doooooooo!!

Had a great time and would love to see more games by you in the future

This game really reminds me of Baldi and just like that game this game can sometimes get really unfair and frustrating with baby introduced and does a good job in making me angry XD

This game was pretty fun as well as quite difficult later on. I had a great time with this game despite my attempt to being really lazy in this game cuz player is tired so I put myself in this most tired situation as well XD
Hopefully u guys will have a good time =)

This seriously freaked me out so hard like those terrifying crying sounds of the woman ,the scary soundtrack that plays once u start the loop and best one THE CAN at the start XD Great job fr a teaser and if it gets finished I will surely play it and hope fr it to be really damn good as this was. Only problem I had was the woman's jumpscare at the end which was kinda weird then scary so that needs to be made better otherwise everything's pretty cool

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This was a really awesome demo as it had great atmosphere thanks to mannequin being creepy in general which did a good job in creating this creepy atmosphere n on top of that I loved at times mannequin appeared at places like when u look back to see him standing was really dope. Im surely looking forward to the full version along with voice acting which is a really interesting thing Im looking forward to n the lore in general as well

This is why pick your job carefully

A perfect way to respond to the hate comments is by haunting them in their nightmares XD

Now this was an amazing demo right there as it is based on real folklores which already creates a creepy tension and the way the games goes with weird things happening,things falling,breaking creeped me out so much without any in your face jumpscares which is pretty impressive. I tried my best to get a perfect run where I dont do anything wrong but Im confused with what to do when it comes to things like diary or baby doll cuz without interacting with them, you cannot proceed and thus Im stuck wondering that is there a way to progress or since its a demo u just cant? Let me know about that. Though I managed to find another perfect run where I get myself the gate keys and not interact with anything and just got outta there which is the best XD

Overall really awesome demo and Im surely looking forward to the full version =)

Principal strikes yet again but next time Im sure that I will finally finish this damn game

This game is advanced in everyway than Baldi's. Whether it be the characters in this game, maths, jumpscares, visuals, items, weirdness, almost everything is ADVANCED!

Back to my favourite school for my favourite subject

This was an absolutely fantastic game with everything from art,story,characters to voice acting and puzzles were so damn good.Everything except story wise this game was better than peridium which in my opinion had way better ending and story as compared to this.But voice acting was, I think much much better than Peridium and plus had a new lady voice actor who did a fantastic job in voicing as a psycho!

Just like the previous 2 games that I have played of yours this one was also absolutely fantastic and touched upon even more heavier subject than the previous two.Artstyle and game mechanics were undoubtedly beautiful and really really good.I loved how things were portrayed in an artistic way to show how things were for the character when she is going through such a sad phase.Cat and the moon were good addition as it quite lightened the atmosphere though moon's jokes mostly went over my mind XD 

I had a great and quite a serious time with this game and I hope to play many more games by you in the future =)

Spent quite a chill,scary and not so lonely time in this mansion.Looking forward to the full version

This game was absolutely fantastic and thanks for translating it to English.Kotomi did a wonderful job in being a sadistic loli who loved every bit of dissing me XD Im still quite confused about the bad end as to what Kotomi exactly meant by how she was not doing this on purpose n that her malice grew stronger bcz of Mitarou or that she doesnt want to reveal her real self like is she sadistic to him bcz she is close with him or she is just like this in nature bcz of some tragic event.Even though I know she said she says mean things to him bcz she likes him but the bad end still confuses me.

Yes I even did it right now and it still results in same error

Nope I did it again and same things happened

Sup Amberdrop ,I actually am stuck with a problem that I have occurred is that when I unpack the rar file with any rar opener it always either gets stuck or gets stopped with a error and in one rar opener it particularly gets stopped for me at screenselector.bmp.If you can provide me with any solution I would be really glad cuz I so wanna play this game n it sucks that Im not able to.Thank you so much for reading

This has to be one of the most hardest and most annoying(which doesnt mean its bad) game that I have ever played.Even though it is annoying,it is addictive or Im stubborn I dont know ;) but its an awesome horror game as its horror is not just jumpscares but the last minute fails that I got everytime I was about to solve last one and get out

This game was really nice and calming.Its artstyle is really awesome and pretty similar to Bendy and the ink machine which is really cool cuz I love this.The real life photos and objects blend really well with the game which is great and characters are really adorable lookin.Surely lookin forward to the full game =)

Dogs can be so faithful at times

This was damn awesome game with really spooky environment and gameplay being pretty scary with the mechanic that is the name of this game.Not sure if I understood the endings but still I had great scary time and I hope to see more from u guys

Damn never thought opening your eyes to see can be scary.

This game is really awesome and nostaligic.It really gives off the good old RPG horror game vibes and so far it has been quite an amazing horror trip.Whether it being the puzzles that you have to solve or the creppy sighting when u leave the room and various dead endings.. AAhh so good and nostaligic ;)

I will definitely complete this whole game and see how this quite an interesting trip to crazy libraries end us up at along with Narrator-san who is btw a really nice,little creppy but a very cute character =)