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This was a really neat and a nice puzzle game. As a GD player you are,the idea of making a game (I dont know if u took it from here or was your own but) inspired from concept of GD's cube where he wont just stop or go back, to apply here as a puzzle game was really really nice. There were places where I got surprised that I got stuck in such a wide open lookin puzzles but they were pretty good and quite got me at places. Keep up the good work and if you make any game in future I will surely give it a go! =)


Hey thanks a lot for the video Ridonculous, means a lot :)

I'm glad you were able to enjoy the game by the way, and tbh I might extend this to a bigger game!


Thats really nice man. I will surely be waiting for it =)

Hey serponge! I'm doing a school project on things we can do to make money, and I chose developing games. I'm trying to develop a game by December so I can do the project, so do you have any tips on what I should use/how to use it? Thanks in advance! - Zaleo

If you want to contact me, please DM me on Discord at tag Jeremy#6672. Thank you, also love the game! - Zaleo, again