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Sup Amberdrop ,I actually am stuck with a problem that I have occurred is that when I unpack the rar file with any rar opener it always either gets stuck or gets stopped with a error and in one rar opener it particularly gets stopped for me at screenselector.bmp.If you can provide me with any solution I would be really glad cuz I so wanna play this game n it sucks that Im not able to.Thank you so much for reading

We'll double check the .rar file on our end. Maybe try to download the .rar file again? It's possible that it got corrupted while it was being downloaded. 

Nope I did it again and same things happened

Did you get the 0.4 version?

Yes I even did it right now and it still results in same error

Very strange... Try to use Winrar, if you haven't already. If that doesn't work, then we're not quite sure how to solve this issue :/