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I cant wait for local multiplayer of this game

I also did 1º attempt, harder mode would be cool

Very cool game, it would be cool if you could use your money in upgrades

I liked the game, very short, but cool idea , but i would suggest some improvments:
  1º be able to make it faster or slower turning, to me for example i would like it would turn faster, it feels like is very slow turning
  2º Have an arrow pointing where you have your ammo, comment: if you dont pick your ammo after picking it and you go to another guy, putting the  ammo off screen, it might  be a problem if you forget where you dropped it, soo just putting an arrow pointing to it would be a fix for this problem


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I rly loved thisgame, if it was more polished and added some kind of menu , and maybe one level creator, i could buy this game, i cant stop playing it, i rly loved it, and also make the area limit more obvious.

makking the map bigger wouldnt fix that because i rly only used the midle part of the map, yoou could also give two options of orders, one that all stay toghether and aonter where all go everywhere, the only way i found to keep them toghether was spaming the click

The ideia of the game is very cool, i am not big fan of rts but this one i liked, but when you get the idea of the 1º group a team and then move whith all foce toghether you can just obliterate the enemy soo at this point the game loses its fun, but at least was a well time spent to figure that out

I open the game and cant play it

The game is cool, nice puzzle platform, the hints could be less obvious, but that is ok, i also think there is a big dificulty spike when you get 2 lines

This game looks very look, nice idea about the mechanic, you just need to polish a litle bit for example if you get close to the wall is just a matter of waiting for spining atack, you could do something to stop abusing that, but outherwise the game is very cool

The game is a bit strange, i feel is luck base cause you have no way to predict where the cars are coming and also there is no way to know how far you ahve made it

I like the game its very fun, only the ai is a bit dumb but the game itself is very fun and is a nice concept

I dont get how to play the game, is a bit confusing, there should be one tuturial 

image I just found a way to get out the map and this is  how this looks like, from this side the game gets very ez expecialy after getting double jump, but i manage to get here just whith the slide, and also since i am already writing this, and you reading this too, i would like to say that the game is a litle bit confusing, many times i walk in circles to find where is the next place to go, soo after 5 min i find it, this can be a bit frustating, and also i would like to say, that some parts of the game are bit laggy, ( i have a super pc , soo is not fault of the game, and also some parts of the game lost renderation, looking a bit ugly ( i mean inside of the actual game, not outside)