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Wednesday for sure.

Wow, over a month already? Did i say 2 weeks or so... 

Well, i've still got some bugs and content to get through, but i should probably prioritise another reveal video, since theres a moth of progress since the last video.

As it stands, there are 6 songs, with 1 or 2 needing some visual tweaks, but another 2-4 i could add, which could be either be fast to implement, or completely slow, so whether I add them for launch or leave them out is undecided.

This weeks progress, brand new settings menu, now with resolution options, 2 revisions on motion controll input, with a 3rd planed, improvements to 2 songs, motion capture refinements, kirby prize for a good score, debug pc grab button.

Might make a combo metre, that'd only be an hour...

For any updates, my twitter is probably the best place. As for release, i will film tonight, and plan a 3 day count down starting from the launch of the first video.

I'm so sorry! Please wait a little longer or DM me on twitter.

VR not required!

Thanks for playing!

This is easily one of the weirdest games I have ever played, but the randomized characters look fantastic!
Is there a screen for beating the game? I got up to level 6 but then somehow lost controller input using the camera view and system menu.
If you have time, please check out my little vr game too.

What a fantastically odd agbic entry

Hah! that was unexpectedly amusing. Good job!

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Incredible game, Music and sound on point (as the kids say), and Domino dungeon has level design to rival the water temple! (both that it's hard, but also incredibly well thought out.)

Unfortunately, I closed the game half way through Domino Dungeon and was not warned that door unlocks aren't saved, If you don't have the time to save door and switch positions, maybe a warning for that level when you're about to quit, it's pretty long.
Oh, and a link to this might make the ending more satisfying Domino's App feat. M」.

But seriously, you have all outdone yourselves, I guess 2017 really is the year for good 3d platformers.
Simply fantastic work team! The new arcane kids are in town.

That's unfortunate, was it the first or second bird? The second one reacts to sound and could break, There's a video on the game page with hints to get past them now.

Well, 5 days late, but I finaly have a nice little game uploaded! Please try it out!

Posted in Linux Works Yay

Yay! Great to hear it can compile from windows to Linux! Thank you for testing it.

Thanks for playing and writing a comment!
I was close to adding music, but was concerned it could make it worse if not implemented right, i'll make sure to have some in later projects. We did not win in the end, but did receive an honorable mention!
Trevor and I would very much like to continue developing the game into a full release at some stage.
Thank you once again!


Created a new topic 5 turtles


A submission that was on time, but had entries close oddly.

Anyway, if you like swimming with turtles, try this crappy game. (Android version has less issues)

What happened? the game jam tracker says it's still open, but the page is closed?