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Just beat this game on stream, and this is very well done for an indie game!

Really neat! I did get lost a couple times, maybe add a reticle? ONE DAY I WILL SATISFY DAN'S HUNGER!!!!

This is a very well put together game with a fun concept, but I have to repeat what tito76 said: On a keyboard this game is HARD AS HELL to play. The Lang Boss Fight is especially trouble since the control layout forces me to either Divekick OR move.

All in all, it was a very solid entry that'll probably be 10x better with a controller.

This was a fun one to play! Click Look could easily be a game on it's own!

Yeah, like I said, A LOT of place holder shit. What I was going for was "Try to get the audience hyped about this game!" followed by "Oh no! By succeeding, you made your life difficult!"

This was essentialy a Ludum Dare for me, since I didn't start until much later, so I might have figured more of that shit out. Also the first game I made since High School.

I went with the Ghost Shooter Tutorial for Construct 2 then expanded it from there, and that had 5 health for the baddies.

When I do later versions, I do plan on adding more questions and more features, so that will expand things in a unique way with new combinations.

New guns are on that list now, thank you!