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Rhythm Sage

A member registered Sep 09, 2019

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Hi, VRAM & CPU usage are fine when playing on Potato Quality with FHD(1920 x 1080).

This is the screenshot of the GPU stats. The GPU usage was 75% during the game on 120 capped fps.

GPU stats

RTX 2080s Super OC with vBios flashed

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Yes, Potato quality. I have to cap fps below 120 to avoid GPU full load, but the usage is still high.

The game has severe performance issue. GPU usage goes to 100% very easily. Hardly playable if not optimized.

Thanks for the game! It's a wonderful experience.

Just finished the game. The puzzles are well designed and challenging. However, I somehow can't run the game in full screen. Any ways to fix this?

You're welcome! However, the demo is too short and I wish it could be longer.

Have been following this game for some time and just played the latest demo today. It feels good overall. :)

It did but it won't be the real 1080p clip if capturing the game with OBS in Game Capture.

Just played the game. The overall experience is quite good.  It would be great if it supports a native resolution of 1080p and crosshair.

But why all the screenshots here are only about 1/3 of screen?

Does this game run in full screen?

First or third person?

Does this game support keyboard?

Can't change the key bindings...