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Hi there!

We're a small dev team (duet actually). We're making a short, noncommercial demo which will show a project concept. We're looking for some people who can do dubbing for us.

Here is a short teaser of how the game looks like if someone wants some kind of motivation:

Please contact us by or email:

Thank you for nice words but ROT is done. :)

We work actually on fully-fledged game which you can see here:

Yes. You have to download it from the itchio page because on the app it's say there is no windows version. But it's a .zip file so you will play it on windows without any problems. Just copy and past into your browser:

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We do not expect to release the Windows version in the future... 

bcuz  this one only version is for Windows, you know  ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)

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Thanks, we're glad you loved it :)

As for the story, we do not want to talk about it yet. Some players have already correctly guessed "what's going on here" :)
But you are very close, It is purgatory, and the protagonist is not entirely... bad. He simply made a tragic mistake. 

Almost every element is symbolic here. The key to understanding is therefore not their literal interpretation.

And Departure ... There will be many opportunities for a detailed discussion about it soon :3