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Wow I'm flattered! Thank you so much for spending your time playing it! I'm just a beginner dev, who happened to join a game jam with some interesting limitations is all!

Thanks again for playing my game!

Just uploaded a downloadable version for windows!

Just added JKLI instead of 4568 control!

Just added JKLI instead of 4568 control!

Just added JKLI instead of 4568 control!

Just added JKLI instead of 4568 control!

Just added JKLI instead of 4568 control!

Just added JKLI instead of 4568 control! Thanks for the feedback.

Wow! Thank you so much for for making a video of my game! I am so honored! I subbed and shared it with my friends so hopefully your channel will get a little boost of subscribers. Thank you so so so much!

Thank you!

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Thanks! I subbed and shared your video with my friends so hope you guys get a little boost in subs!

Oh man holy moly I'm so honored!!! Thank you so much for playing it! 

LOL @ "The biggest zero you can ever find! IN SPACE!!!" 

OMG so fun!

Wow this is awesome! Learned a lot! Loved the music as well!

Used it in a game for Black History Month Jam 2021!

This was so fun. Graphics were v-cute! Next time I do a very short jam, I'm going to take a lesson from this game's simple yet lovable graphical style. Also very much dug the take on the package delivery. Loved this game. 

Dude this is awesome. The movement feels fast, the timer adds urgency. Just really good.

Both the design and the spawn are great, I was particularly mentioning how the sprites are just barely visible in low light with just the borders, but come into perfect visibility with the light.

Oh man I remember tamagotchi! This is bomb bruv.

This actually made me shed a few tears, brought back memories... My grandma died just this way, and my brother and sister took care of her as she slowly declined. I couldn't bring myself to watch her suffer. She had her tongue removed and couldn't talk or eat anymore. She had a feeding tube attached to her stomach that would fall out if you fed her wrong or bumped into her. She became so sad that she stopped trying to communicate, and then it went downhill very fast. My aunt lost her job taking care of her. This game depicts a very sad but very true story. 

Really cool!

REALLY cool memorization/puzzle game! Took me a few tries to figure out the mechanics of it but after that its a blast. 

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WOW. This is incredible. This game really stretches the possibilities of the limitations imo. Amazing. PS: The tutorial video was very helpful. 

Fun! Relaxing, simple, addictive.

Yeah! I'll upload one for sure! I think I probably need to wait until after voting is over though

Yeah I'll fix it after voting. Going to add IJKL in addition to the numpad buttons!

On/Off, perfectly aligned with the theme. Very fun and simple puzzler!

Wow very cool concept! Short and sweet. Kind of wish there was another level though! I was really interested to try this mechanic in different levels! Excited and hopeful to see what you make of it after the jam!

How you did the ghosts' appearance was perfect I thought. Very enjoyable! 

So fun! Great mechanic of getting additional jumps. I just played with keyboard and got stuck trying to get the fourth jump but I'm going to try this again when I get home and can play with my ps4 controller XD

Wow his game is perfectly polished, with extras. The music is poppin', the gameplay is smooth, all together its very very fun. I love that the stage is bigger than the viewport, imo this makes it feel more dynamic and exciting. 

Thank you!

WOOO Pico! I played this with my ps4 controller (So for anyone reading this, it has controller support.)! This is 1 timeless classic, though I suck at it myself. I got to around 400 + moves then I gave up haha... I suck lol BUT GREAT GAME  

Clever approach to the theme! Challenging and original.

Thank you! Noted. I will update the controls to IJKL after the voting is over! This is my first game jam so I'm learning about this process and everything, and avoiding the numpad is a big thing I learned this time. Thanks for the advice!

Simple yet fun. And challenging!

Thank you! My IRL friend recommended putting a border around the enemies, and people on here have recommended making the crosshair lighter as well. All changes I'll make after the voting period. Thank you for trying my game!

Thank you!

Hey you! Yeah, you: the person browsing the game jam submissions thinking about trying out this game or not... Just try it. Its GREAT!

There's so many mechanics built into it: platforming, maze solving, narrative, side-scrolling shooting... Mostly though, imo this game shines because the dialogue and story are 10/10 XD