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I'm very sorry you guys encountered this problem. We thought we had it fixed since last few updates -__- If you can give us any details about how it's not working so we can fix it, we will truly appreciate it. We will go back to the drawing board

To answer both your questions: Yes, it's the arrows in the keyboard. You press the arrow keys in the right order. "Right order" being the arrow keys pattern associated to the image of the hands in front of you (and using the smaller images on the left as reference).

When you do it successfully, you finish a spinning <movement>, and then it switches to a new movement (that is, the bigger image changes into another, which has its own instructions / arrow key pattern).

You finish a third image (arrow key pattern) to complete a <sequence>. After getting 10 correct sequences (3 images each) under 45 seconds, you win!

...It sounds a bit more intimidating than it actually is, I promise.

If you get the game to work for you, and want to give it a second chance, my suggestion is: don't overthink it, just try to follow what you see.

Sure, it helps to memorize what each image means in key-pressing, though not required. If you don't get nervous, you should have plenty of time to spare. (And if you do get nervous, don't worry, I'm sure you will be an expert by the third or fourth time you play it :) It's the learning curve. It's by design: it's supposed to take a few tries.)

Btw, the mini-game was my idea (I'm the writer), I wanted it to be somewhat challenging. But if it's giving people such a hard time, we will see about adding an option to skip the mini-game.

Thanks for both your inputs, and for the support. Also, sorry it took me this long to answer. I never got a notification about the last four or so comments on my mail O_o Very sorry about that. If you want to give us any more of your thoughts, you are more than welcomed. We will look forwards to that!

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Hey, neellenium! Wow, thanks for your considerate review!

I'm very glad you think their chemistry works, and I'm humbled by your praise of the writing, thank you ^//^  And I'm sure Hessai will be very happy her Rumpel's non-monster design (we call him Rumpeldarling or Rumpelbishie hehe) gets some very deserved love too~.

As for plans for the future, again, thank you for showing this much interest ^//^  Yeah, the music and some CGs and an opening sequence are going to get added... eventually. *sweatdrop* I'm thinking maybe, when we get this in proper shape, I'll put a new comment under here to let you know in case you want to revisit the miller's daughter's story :)

I guess I need to make a new entry about that, don't I? I'll do that so I don't clutter this response box -__- Btw, just out of curiosity, what did you have in mind? Something like deepest lore?

Also, sorry it took me so long to answer. I never got a notification about the last four or so comments on my mail O_o 'S so weird. Very sorry about that. Have a great week!

Well... [SPOILERS]

In the good route, she literally asks him, when they are alone (at the reconciliation scene, after their fight). There he says his name is Rupert. You have the choice to betray him by choosing that name (and then you get the "Betrayal" BAD END).

And even after that, when he decides to sacrifice himself to set her free, by "drunkenly" revealing his name in a song, you have the choice to use that name and Rupert. Both get you the Betrayal BAD END.

BUT! If you don't use either name, instead choosing "...", what happens is that you are refusing to betray him. Instead, you/the miller's daughter makes up a name for him. It's a name that mixes up everything she knows about him: that he's a rump (=rumpel aka an "ass"), that he uses stilts, and that he has soft skin...


She's not calling him by his name: she's calling him *a* name. It's a inner joke between the two after everything they have lived together :)

I'm glad you mention this to me. Now I realize that part of the story can be made a bit clearer. I'll see about adding this explanation in the next update. Thanks

And thank you for the thoughtful review. It's nice to hear at least there's somebody that could play the mini-game without issue X'D

Very cool game! And it very much deserves the praise. I guess what I appreciate the most are the CGs - there are so many of them! Even for filling a water glass XD That's impressive! And the fact that it was made by one person really makes it stand out (lol, it's also kind of fitting)

Also, cool dynamics visuals with the GUI! (I want to press click on the spam XDDD) I also dig Petra's design. She's different, for sure.


I won't say I got scared because, not really that easy to disturb. But I did get a rush from the final jumpscare. Great idea with the waiting dots on the final message. That's the right way to do a jumpscare. Kudos. 

Besides, even if the rest of the story didn't get me jumpy, this has some good gimmicks and the right feel. I especially liked all the dialogues with the grandma.

Not sure about the 3D monster (or title screen). It feels tacky more than uncanny. That would be my one feedback: switching to 2D only.

I got the bad end, of course. I started giving friend requests only to the people I thought likeable first. By the time I realized where this was going, I started giving requests to everyone I didn't like XD (The fedora dude needs to die...)

Also, I can't help thinking Chelsea... she was in a party... so Petra did just condemn her to die...

I'm just going to leave that to sink in...

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So. The 3 endings, are they:

1. Cinder escaping (/friend)

2. Cinder virus (/steal identity)

3. Cinder 'killed' (the destroyed CG?)


I want to see if I got them all.

Oh thanks! I kept trying to fit 3 words together in the spaces XD like, no-evil-vot... I know the spelling is wrong but I guessed the game might be trying to be whimsical lol

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Hello there! First, I gotta say I have been wanting to play this game since I saw the thumbnail. I don't know why, but it gives me the right vibres. I thought it was a detective game, admitedly. But the setting does not disappoint. I love the sprite art, I love the CGs (seriously love) and I love the quirkness of the characters. (And I can see why a few comments here were thinking this was going to be a shonen-ai, those two have such a fun dynamic.)

Great job with the programming too. I'm baffled how to made this. I'm guessing it's a fake menu all the other times?

Not gonna lie, I did need the guide to figure out what I needed to do. For one, it took me a while to figure out how to look around (I kept pressing the arrow buttons, not realizing the view of the bottom of the elevator door was the 3D map XD Which also felt like a weird CG to have there, from my POV...)

In another opportunity, I was messing up with the computer in the meat-wall and I added any letter to see if I would get a bad ending from that (I didn't). But then I couldn't seem to be able to erase those letters to be able to put the actual code (courtesy of the hole)... until I thought about using X. Really, a lot of brainfarting on my part. I don't know why I find the button setting so confusing lol.

So yeah, this is a well-deserved pick for second place for the spooktober contest. Congratulations to the team =)

I'll be honest, when I saw the cartoony style of the sprite and the fact they were animals, I didn't think I'd get too into this. Boy was I wrong. I don't know what to praise first. I guess I'll start with the GUI. I think I've never seen such a beautiful GUI in my life. And it's not just the motif seeping into the dialogue box, and even the mouse pointer - the fact that it has an animated background that reacts to the mouse movement-- fricking awesome! It goes hand in hand with the cinematic too, because the elements interact with each other and with the simplified negative-space background in a way that's always very aesthetic and dramatic. It's hard not to be in awe.

Since we are on the subject of aesthetics and cinematics, I think I should talk about those beautiful sprites. Despite being cartoon style, they are expressive in all the right ways. More so considering this isn't a cartoony story at all lol, but I'll get to the writing later. There's something about the sprites interacting with the backgrounds and the GUI that's just blowing my mind. See the protag. He's the one that's the most cartoony and personally least favorite design, but even he-- the way he is painted is artsy in a way that breathes, even when the image is static. Then the rest of the characters are full of life... I swear, from the moment the king appears on the screen, with his darting eyes and movements - oh man, the movements! Every sprite move indicates an action, and that's so awesome. I'm flipping at the programming work, I swear.

I guess the next thing I'm going to praise is the voice acting. The actor and actresses were right on the money in all accounts. They got the characters, and rolled with it, and damn it's even fully voiced O_o Nailed it. Just that. No line of text sounds forced or out of place, even when they are playing a caricaturesque type character. 

Well, it's kind of impossible to talk about the voices and not talk about the script too and, wow. I seriously didn't think I would be so invested in these characters and story. The prose is great but non-invasive. And the plot hooks you. It honestly does. It doesn't have any of the beats someone might expect in a VN, and in fact that was what made me think about skipping this initially. And I would have been totally wrong, because that's this story strongest point: this is original. It's a break from playing the same old stories and finding something new. And because it's new, I don't know where it's going and that's what hooks you and what makes the experience worth having. I want to get to all of the endings and re-live my choices, that's how good this is.

Actually, that's the other thing: I want to see all through... but the game is very bugged lol XD It seems the game is stuck in the ending with the magpipes and sewer group invading and the veteran leaving, no matter what choices I make. It must be something about the last update because somebody mentioned 8 endings. (I was going to mention the thing with the missing image in the owl clearing and the error in the sewers if you call on the bluff, but somebody else already mentioned that.) The real problem here is that I never get to get the other stories. Have mercy XD I came over here to see if there was a guide in case I was doing something wrong but I now see it's a bug thing. And I hope you get that one fixed because I'm dying to know what happens next.

Btw, I don't want to leave without mentioning the soundtrack and the page design. Hotdamn. Everything looks beautiful and thought-out carefully. Whoever is in charge of aesthetics really knows what they are doing. And the music-- Perfectly setting ambience, in a way that's going with the writing and it manages to sound gentle to the ears. No small feat considering the tracks keep playing for long chunks of text. What a treat. My favorite has to be the sewer/mafia-themed song. Also, can we mention that each scenario has it's own track?! If I didn't have the GUI, the cinematic, programming and writing+delivering to point out, I would have praised the music first O_o You make it very difficult to pick what to talk about lol. (Almost as difficult as picking who to talk to first or ask for help from the three kings choices lol)

You know, I should consider you my competition, but I don't care. I want you to win the contest. I don't think I've seen something so meticulously and complete in a very long while. And if this was done in a month... very impressive indeed.

Howdy, I wanted to drop by to sing some praise to your work. There are some choices here that are incredible. The sprites are lovely-- I'm partial to both of the girl sprites myself. And Ozul's hair coloring is my favorite lol. I *love* the music. Very few of the entries had this much of a pleasant sound ambience, and even though they repeat a lot, it doesn't feel like they do. The background art is amazing too. (And there are so many of them! How did you manage?! O_o) lol I'm also strangely giddy from the fact that the main character is called Nadia.

I first played the, um, let's call it the pacifist route XD And I couldn't shake the feeling throughout that Ozul was the biggest gaslighter ever. Yeah, I didn't buy his cute act for a second lol. The only reason I didn't betray his sorry ass from the begining is that I wanted to try find a peaceful solution. Yeah, not gonna lie, I knew what would happen from a mile away. (Well, almost... see spoilers note.)

Second playthrough... was a bit short lol. Though it did add a layer of tragedy to the whole thing. (Starting to think this can't have a happy ending now...)

Third playthrough-- and we are so gangsta now! XD Dude, the way these guys talk about murder as if it was an off-handed thing, how worrysome... This one is certainly the most complete. It didn't so much add or clarify the situation but rather reinforced what was already there. Though I guess it does reveal who the angel-character is.

SPOILERS: Well... it's a lot more supernatural a story than I had thought it would be. Not gonna lie, I thought this was a world where comma people went, and Ozul was just twisted from being alone for so long in a comma-induced dream, first run. And then from knowing he was in a comma somewhere where nobody would find him, second run. This is what I meant when I said the third playthrough felt like it didn't add to the existing story, but only reinfoced it.

I do appreciate the thematic of possessiveness brought up here. The guy, Ozul, really is... something. lol From the setting, I was expecting to find a wish-fulfillment fantasy romance. I really did not expect this. Extra points for defying expectations.
I thought I understood why he did it too (as in, he was a comma-trapped victim too, and not the supernatural explanation), and up until the second playthrough I thought there was still a chance to redeem him (Nadia grows wise, puts him in place but still finds him in the real world).
Unrelated but I'm a bit confused about this: The story implied I had to search for the pieces of soul, but in no route I get the chance to do exactly that, do I? And if the "master" and playable character are the two pieces, why is the third a mirror...?
Also, what does the writing on the wall that says "forget forget forget" means in this context? It was his room, the spell was in his diary, and the one doing the amnesia spell was Hanako, right? Or was this just to show Ozul as unhinged?

Btw, I just went to the screens of the game and found the grey scale images. I was going to ask about them but I just clicked on one, so... Well, that's nice and disturbing.

As far as suggestions go... I suppose the sprite poses feel a bit stiff. Ozul and Hanako especially (the stripes didn't help with the stiffness lol), and on that note, they could use with some variation in poses. There's also something about the way the clothes cling to them that bugged me, if I'm being honest. I love the design and how they are painted, though.

Another thing is that the voice acting sounds a bit off some times. It was not a bad idea to use phrases instead of grunts and incidental sounds, and I especially like the "I..." fx. But some of the lines rung forced. On a not completely related note, Nadia felt down to earth so her "yay" sounded a bit out of character compared to everything else said by her. (Also, Ozul's angry dialogue, does it says "is that some"...? What does that mean?)

Lastly, I am impressed you were able to fit in so many different unique assets, like an opening, the extra CG art and an animated menu. But on that note, I should mention... the menu animation needs some tweaks. The warp tool messed up with his mouth, and a few other characteristics (shoulder and nose esp). His eyelashes are still showing after he blinks. And the earrings are flowing a bit too unnaturally in the air. The better choice of course would be to have it all redone in frame-by-frame 2D animation, but I can understand lack of time doesn't allow for much lol. So, regardless of warping errors, color me impressed.

Hey there! I'm too out of time for a proper review but I wanted to drop by to mention, about the arrangements of minute 1:30: So cool, dude

Another one that has my vote for first place

Easily one of my favorites to win this

I loved it!

Oh I SO relate. I despise gratuitous violence. Give me something like Kentaro Miura's manga Berserk where violence is strong but has meaning and it makes all the difference.

Hahaha Don't worry, you are perfectly sensical-- And full disclosure: I'm not a native English speaker either~

 (*sneaks out slipping through the door giggling mischievously*)

PS. By the way, we are working on a new version (again, lol) correcting a few more things. We will have the newest thing uploaded I believe between tonight or tomorrow. If you are not in a rush.

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Totally understandable, I would like to be told that as well if I were you. 

So there's this one scene where the miller's daughter is reccounting the moment her father killed a milk cow because he felt the cow was no longer useful to him. This was to illustrate how the girl is scared of her own father and of not being seen as useful.

The scene doesn't go into much detail. (A description of how he did it was added because a few people insisted it was impossible to kill a cow with human strenght and it broke the suspension of desbelief for them. I explained it in narration for those types of people. But even so I believe the text to remain tasteful. )

All in all, the main thing in the story is the implied and psychological violence, and the game doesn't contain gore. It's not a game that relishes or fetishizes violence.

Let me know if any of this helps :) 

EDIT: I knew I was writing fetishizes wrong! X'D 

Nice! Yeah, I very much needed that XD Though rather than telling me the answer, do you mind telling me how do I get to those numbers? I'm very curious how that works

But well, now I literally have the numbers I guess I have no excuse: I need to play everything :P Yeah, I'm already getting an vibre about where this is going, and I'm very interested, and I want to see it through for sure. 

Well, I guess I was completely wrong about that puzzle, lol. Also, I'm stuck, I have no idea what I'm supposed to put in the two digit code (or how the field one works) so I'm not able to give you my full thoughts yet. But I wanted to tell you two things so far. The first, well, the puzzles are too hard XD I'll have to do easy mode first, just to see if the hints help me any.

The other thing is that I think I saw a few texts of dialogue that felt a bit off. Nothing too big but maybe you could get someone to proof-read the script. Here's a few small suggestions meanwhile. The part where the monster twists its head in an unnatural way (that would have been nice to see in an image...) is within a line about the monster looking disappointed. I'd split those two ideas into two different lines so it feels less cluttered (it took me a couple of reads to figure out what that was). Then later, in Annie's flashback about the movie it says "As I was shown the door". Isn't that "As I was shown *to* the door"? Like I said, I'm not a native speaker so I may be talking out of my ass lol.

A few things I really liked about the game: The sprite art looks amazing, and the flashback CGs (I've only seen Annie's, admitedly) also very beautiful. I'm stunned by those colors. It's a bit of a clash that there are two different artstyles, true, but I think the CG art being different some times is not that big a deal? In the case of the fourth friend sprite, now that mismatch does feel off. Speaking of mismatch, it's also true the voice acting, writing and sprites have all different intentions... If you ever get to touch this up a bit, maybe you could unify that into one thing, that would look and feel great. 

Another thing worth mentioning is all the effort made in programming. This isn't just a VN, it's a RPG, with a vast array of different commands. In a way I guess that did make it a bit confusing because I had no idea how to make the VHS interact withe VHS machine lol, if I was even supposed to at this juncture. But it's impressive nonetheless. I do have to admit the mirror-hidden-door-placing gimmick does get old very fast. And, like I said, the puzzles too difficult X'D 

As for sound... well, I did mention the mismatch, sure. The monster voice is very nice, very creepy, and you gotta tell me how you got that metallic effect! There were a few music tracks I liked-- but I have to point out the blatant theft of the Stranger Things opening motif and sounds in that one song XD .... Most importantly, I have to admit the very begining ambience wind set me in a mood I kind of wished kept on for the rest of the game.

Uff. This is a very long review for somebody who hasn't even finished the first chapter lol. I hope to be able to get past that puzzle and then I'll come back, if you want me.... I do take hints for the constellation/gameboy/field puzzle, if you want to give them X'D

Hello again! I just got to be able to try out Diorma today. And I'm having some difficulties lol. Yeah, I'm playing it in English. The thing is, I was snooping around after the first jumpscare/monster encounter and landed at the gameboy (?) where I'm supposed to input a code related to Annie's favorite constellation. I entered that out of curiosity... but now I can't get out of the gameboy CG lol.

I went into the menu a couple of times to see if there was a button indication in the controls menu, and suddenly I was out of the gameboy CG (by sheer luck or bug?)... and into a sort of field with numbers. Here it was 4 numbers instead of two. I figured out it had to be Aries because it was a 4 digit code (and it's easier to figure out the order lol). But... I can't seem to be able to enter the numbers. Well more like I put one number and another (a 2) pops-up instead, and the number I selected in shows as a smaller digit under the third 0. Then I tried entering a second number but it replaces the first number (under the third 0) instead? ...Is this the way it's supposed to be?

Oh, also... again, I'm not able to get out of here X'D

! LOL nevermind: while I was writing this post, I went back to the game and I'm out! I think I must have run out of time?  or something? ...I don't know what's happening!!!  X'D

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Oho! Of course the werewolf came here to slaughter vampires! What else could she be doing in a vampire ball? 

No, seriously, the designs! So beautiful >_< And yeah, I just meant it as maybe tonning it down. I'm not an English native speaker and it may be a bigger issue for someone like me than with most people. Well... I did eventually learn how to "fluently" read jaggermonster in the webcomic Agatha Heterodyne: Girl Genius. But it did take me months.

Of course, the best choice would be to have actual voice acting~ For the Scottish and the British character both and especially, that would be nice~ If you did, the written text it would need to be switched to normal English and work as sort of subtitles lol. But ~ Imagine pirateboy literally calling you "My pet". Mmh-hmm!

Alright, that's it for me. I hope you finish this! Looking forwards the finished thing (and being able to play it~)

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Howdy! Here to report a few helpful things~

 Though, reading at the comments here, admitedly it's similar to what myuninny was already saying. First, that the [player] input doesn't always work. I thought it was me that pressed the wrong thing, but later Grey addressed me in my chosen name. Meaning all previous times, the [PLAYER] tag appearance has to be a problem with the code.

Second: Same as myuhinny, I also found it strage that when the text says a character dropped their mask, the sprite doesn't change. This happened speaking to Grey too. Like with wereworlf girl (Greer? Oh yes, of course I know she's a wereperson. Not my first rodeo~), his sprite remains the same during most of the conversation, with the mask on, but it then happens even after being described as beautiful. It does eventually come off and sprites variations come up, but it feels a bit off.

Also, I don't know if an actual thing or I'm too dumb but, after I pressed the log button, I couldn't find the way to close that window. (The html version)

Lastly, "I have a map of the castle and can tell you exactly why their finest treasure is."  I think the "why" is a typo? It should be "where", right?

But enough with the picky commentary. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed and dig how charming this game is. I especially love the character designs in this. I had a hard time chosing a favorite, and that's saying something.

Even though every character is surprisingly nice and the prologue devoid of any upfront conflict (I seem to have chosen all the right choices, nice~), the story left me with a lot of anxious tense feelings. Maybe because I can see where this is going and how every route seems like it's going towards incompatible paths (or maybe I shouldn't have said yes to the pirate? lol)

Speaking off. "Scourge of the Camarilla"--Waaait, a masquerade... I already can see the influence of Vampire the Masquerade in this lol. Some of the plot was easy to figure out. Werewolf girl is obviously werewolf girl.

Plotwise, if I am to give feedback, it would be that the game has a bit too much text. It's a pity this is just the prologue demo and I was thinking, if you could keep things more to the point, then you get more time to fleshen out the characters and events for the actual plot.

The MC does come off a bit dumb, but this could be a problem with overexposure. Again, less text could make things better.

It also reads as too convenient to me that the MC just happens to be a star enthusiast out of the blue. Maybe that should come up in the text earlier on.

And lastly... Greer's talk is too hard to figure out XD To be brutally honest, it made me want to not talk to her any more.

Kudos for the game! And sorry for the long rambly post. Looking fowards to the finished thing!


My pleasure! It means I get to play the whole thing~

Btw, let me know if you want me to erase my previous comments. I know it's a bit of a downer to have the report of a bug popping up in the comment section ^^'

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No boy accepted, I did technically get to reach the new map (but it was exactly then that it froze, ergo: ) I never got to see the music room 

Music room, huh? I'm getting DokiDokiLC vibres~

Ah man XD This brings back memories. It's the kind of anime story I used to watch a lot in the 90's. And I kind of loved it ^^ Short and sweet~ I really liked the character's designs too, nun included. Interesting choice with the pixel art and I really dig the music and plot theme. It was a fun twist there with the [SPOILERS]AI[/SPOILERS]. All in all, a very nice experience. Thanks for the game :D

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Alright! I switched to Chrome, and then put the full screen, and I was finally able to play it! I don't know why it's giving me such a hard time, though. In Mozilla it just won't stop showing the left-upper corner zoom-in view.

But back to the game itself. So. This has been a very tortuous experience, lol XD The poor guy, he has such a happy-go-luck attitude. I kind of love his design, but at the same time I can't help think it kind of clashes with the ambience you are trying to set.

And I kinda feel the same about the scenario - if you ever decide to touch it up, my suggestion is to make is a bit more sombre. I remember there was a movie with a premise not very different to this one. The switch between how the room looked originally and how it switched to something grey-er, more older-looking, did wonders.

I really liked the narrator voice, no doubt it's the biggest sell of the whole experience. The fact that it literally has a "narrator" voice is nicely unsettling. Btw, we kind of had a similar idea using a literal narrator, lol. (Shout-out to Rachel if she winds up reading this heh)

Anyway. Nice work. Interesting premise. And I liked the switch in the title. I hope you manage to figure out the bugs and kinks! 'Gluck

Aw, thank you! :D

Yeah, I came to tell you that the window version has the same problem. It's when I/Kimmi goes upstairs to the third floor (supposedly to get a "surprise"). I reach the third floor but it freezes there. I keep pressing buttons but nothing happens.

(1 edit)

OK so... the game within a game is bugged at the part where you go to the third floor up the stairs. Yes, I'm playing the browser version and I'm downloading the PC version next. LOL honestly, when it froze up I thought it was part of the game and it would jump scare me at any second. But after several clickings I think I can safely say it's the code, not the plot XD

Btw, I love the sprite art. It has the quality of a finished product with that shading and color choices. I do feel it's a shame the banner in the page doesn't reflect the game art. I was ready to find something much more sketchy and not polished. So, my two cents: I would change the banner to be more representative of the game art, which looks great.

The plot seems interesting. I'm intrigued with the glitching, and of course Chrissy's plot. Though I think I have a general idea where this is going. Not sure if I'm hitting the end of the game, though, so it might be a matter of reasonable assumption. Also, pretty neat the choice of main character and disposition. It's always nice to play something that makes one delve into a new perspective. I'm looking forwards playing the whole thing (which I hope I'll be able to do once I download this XD) Kudos for the good job~

Ohhh, I didn't think about switching browsers. I'm gonna try that next. I was using Mozilla Firefox.

As for the devise, if that was a question directed at me, I was using a windows 64 laptop. Does that help?

OK, thank you, we will investigate that further. The game is due another update soon anyway.

I did click the full screen button, in fact. That's how I realized it wasn't my browser's zoom being weird, but the game zooming in on the left-upper corner. At least, that's how it looks to me from over here. I have windows, btw. Could it be a compatibility issue?

Ah man... OK listen, I just tried it myself after downloading it from the page. It's letting me play the minigame fine X'D
Could it be you are using the wrong input with the arrows? ~__~ Remember: it's right-left, up-left-right, and up-down

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Hey, thanks for dropping by and let us know. Can I ask a question? Did you download the latest version? The file was updated just last Sunday. The programmers are trying to find the error you describe but the game runs well to them. Could it be you downloaded it some time last week?

This isn't the kind of game I would expect from the premise of a Halloween/scary VN. And I love it. This is delightful! I love the art, and the characters have a lot of personality. Looking forwards the complete release!

(1 edit)

I played the whole thing in one go. I must admit, I wasn't expecting it, and I really liked it. The ambience, including the gorgeous background art and sprites, and music, is beautiful. It's not so much scary as it's relatable, and doesn't have any big repercussions for the choices made, but it's a nice story. I really enjoyed it. And seriously, I really liked the art.

This is a cute little story, though with that twist... not bad at all. Btw, I wanted to let you know in the second run (I wanted to try running this time), the game bugged (it keeps showing sprites that should have disappeared, after I chose the "this is not my role" option. I'm playing the web version btw). Speaking of, I kind of dig the ending options (or lackthereof lol). I just wanted to let you know. Nice job

Very, very nice. I really liked the ambience set by both image and sound. The GUI is delightful. I do feel kinda disappointed that we only got a chapter1. Looking forwards to the whole thing!

My Windows won't let me execute it X'D It thinks it's a virus...

Intriguing concept. Just to let you know: the browser version isn't working right. It only shows the left-upper corner of the screen. I'm downloading the exe version now, to see if I can play it over there.

...OK, I'm totally going to play this. 'Looks awesome.

Also: ¿también son hispanohablantes? De donde son? Yo y otras tres personas en mi grupo somos de Argentina (sudamerica) :D