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Yaay!! I can't wait! I've been playing the early demos and I'm so excited to see how this is gonna turn out in this end!

Haha! I really liked! I matched 100% with Russeau at first, he is rlly one of my favorite lmao but Kant being tsundere??? So funny lol. The art is cuteee tho. 

So beautiful!

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I just played the demo, I really liked the idea, it's so creative, I'd never thought of that! 

It's funny that Ao's names means blue and this is his color haha!

I'm looking forward to this game!

I love it!! I rlly want to know how this is gonna end!

Oh, it was rlly entertainingt,  probably took a lot of reasearchs to make that details. I was super lucky and won on my firts try aldçdsajfjs.

I'm totally recomending this game to my friends!

I just finished to play it right now and I'am??????? This is so good??? Really, if this is only a demo, I can't wait for the complete game!