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I really loved the game! The MC was so relatable to me, almost everything that crossed my mind they did, it was so funny to see a cranky protagonist like me. We don't celebrate Halloween in my country, I only saw in movies and thought it could be fun, but now I just don't care. But the ending was so cute, it made me want to celebrate a little.

Anyways, the characters, I loved them, even though the game was short, their personalities stuck with me. Jak was everything I thought. I love when a character looks tough outside but when you look through their actions you can see they are very kind and responsible. Now Endo gave me a bad impression at first bc he was so flirty and ugh... but I didn't expect he would be kinda shy. I liked it. And Grimm *muah* *chef's kiss*, his design is perfect, fell in love at the first sight, too bad we couldn't see much of him, but he seems a lot fun to tease...

Thank y'all for the game, I really enjoyed, I hope I can see more content 👀👀


Thank you so much!!! I honestly gushed over this comment hahaha! I'm so happy to hear the game was relatable to you, that's one of the best compliments I could receive writing-wise. I worried a little bit in making this game that it wouldn't quite land with people who live in countries where Halloween isn't as big of a deal, so it's a relief to hear it's still relatable!

Loved hearing your thoughts on the characters! 

I do wish I'd had more time to expand Grimm's part and give more than the tease there is of him!

Anyway thank you again for the thoughtful comment, getting these really motivates me to come back to Halloween Scrooge with an expansion/follow-up.