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I'm glad you enjoyed it!! Thank you for playing and for the comment ♥

Thank you so much for your comment and apologies for the late reply! We've been busy with school & work and eager to get started on Briar's development when we get a bit of a break :) Glad to hear you enjoyed the game! ♥

Sorry for the belated reply! Thank you so much! ♥ We have thought about revisiting the existing routes to see how we can add more content but it's most likely that we would add a post-story episode for each rather than expanding the game itself out; we're pretty happy with the story flow that results from the short time window MC has in the existing story. 

Thank you for the feedback though, it's heartening to hear that people want to spend more time with our boys, it's a sentiment we also share hahaha (esp Rye but don't tell anyone I said that... hahahha....)

Looking forward to releasing Briar's route as well :)

Thank you so much for your kind words and sorry for the late reply!  We're glad to hear you enjoyed the game ♥

Thank you so much for your kind words! ♥ I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game :D 

Thank you SO much for your kind words and sorry it took so long to reply; I read your comment + review back when you posted them and they really touched my heart, I meant to follow up but life has been so busy! I'm so glad you enjoyed the characters and their personalities, they were a lot of fun to write and design. Thank you for playing!! ♥

Cannot wait for the full game! 

The UI is one of my favourites from all the jam games honestly; it's just so clean and classy and there isn't a single pixel out of place. It's so polished and nice to navigate. I love the game logo as well, the colour palette in general for the game (between the UI, the BGs and the sprites)  was really soft and lovely. I also love the variety of expressions that the characters had, it really added some energy to their dialogue. The music was also fantastic and very easy on the ears.

Isabelle is such a delightful MC, I really enjoyed her wit and her humour and the way she interacts with everyone.

Re: the love interests, I'm a Charles kinda girl y'know? I like my men meddlesome and  serious! But on the other hand, Parker's mysterious vibe is pulling me in and I'm just dying to know how that romance plays out (as well as who the heck Mr. Mystery is!!)

Eagerly looking forward to the completed game!

Thank you so much, we're so happy to hear you liked it! And yes we have plans to add Briar in a small DLC with some other  updates 😊

Yep, he's the 4th 😄 we're excited to add him!

Sooo where can I find an Aramis in real life, asking for a friend?!

If anyone deserves a route it's Ivy hahah!!! Thank you! <3 

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What a charming game this was! 

I loooove love love the characters, Aimee was such a lovely protagonist and it was nice that though she was quick-witted and clever, she displayed moments of realistic hesitance in the face of the odds she was facing, and that the love interests were there to encourage her rather than save the day for her.

I love Jules and Claude almost equally, they were so cute in their own ways... but I think maybe, maybe Jules wins out a little bit hahaha, the rocky start to their friendship and the subsequent trust he showed in aimee tugged at my heartstrings. Considering the events of the story take place in a day, the pacing was super organic and felt just right. I also like how each of the routes plays out differently and that the third one fills in the rest of the story.

The animations for the sprites was so impressive!! I was blown away by the fact that you also added animation to the sneezes and the trapeze movements, beyond the blinking for the sprites themselves. 

The character designs were also lovely, I like Claude's uniform and Jules is so handsome... and Aimee is so cute!! The CGs were also gorgeous, and the banquet hall BG in particular really drew my eye, the detailing on it was stunning. 

Also lol at "this mustache is a rental" hahahah!!

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Just finished the demo and I'm very much looking forward to the full game! There's so much care and attention-to-detail put into the worldbuilding in the story so far that I'm really looking forward to how the plot and the romances play out!

I love Allison, she's not the most skilled or the most knowledgeable but she's willing to push past her fears to step out of her comfort zone and make the best of a crappy situation. I love her design as well and the visible sprite + her expressions! Really added to the experience of watching the story play out.

Between Chess and Lonnie, Chess was definitely more my type at first glance but I do appreciate that through the common route, Allison spends time getting to know and befriend both of them. The friendships feel natural and organic. I have to say when I saw KOTA thooooooo hahaha.... Kota romance when? ;) 

The music was great, as was the UI (really love that ticking clock detail on the main menu!) and the logo, the game overall has a high degree of polish that is extremely impressive (along with the length + story polish) for a jam entry! 

edit: oh, I had to edit to add the one line that made me laugh so hard for some reason--Allison picking up the sand on the beach and letting it fall, then Chess saying "Ah, it got in my eye" LOOOL i laughed for like 3 minutes straight. 

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I just finished playing all the routes and the endings! 

Firstly I just want to compliment the crazy amount of polish in this gamejam entry, everything from the stunning UI to the GORGEOUS logo to the music / sound effects, down to the different colour credits slide (I didn't imagine that right?) made the experience so pleasant.

I enjoyed Noelle's differing dynamic with each love interest, but there was just something uniquely intriguing about her relationship with Everly that made me curious about their history together and what kind of shenanigans they've been up to.

Design-wise I really love Darlington's butterfly collar piece!! And the detailing on Marsden's tie with the metallic features and the boutonniere were really pretty. The CGs and the backgrounds were pretty as well.

The voice acting was perfect, it's usually such a hit or miss for me in games but man did I especially love Everly's voice, props for the direction + the VA.


On Marsden's route, I really liked the nuance in his motives and how Noelle kind of didn't fully believe him to be selfless, I thought that added some grounded realism to that confrontation.

Overall, very enjoyable and I had a great time playing it.

Thank you! We really appreciate your kind comments. 

We would definitely love to bring Briar's route to the game, we've been itching to show him off for so long. It's only a matter of time! 

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Hi there! Sorry we had the instructions totally wrong for rating LOL, the rating feature actually shows up in the top right corner of this game page (where it says "add to collection" and "submission to otomejam") there should be an option that says "Rate this game". Hope that helps! 

Thank you for playing! We're happy to hear you enjoyed it :D 

Aw thank you again for playing and enjoying our game and for your kind comments! It was a lot of work and it's awesome to hear it paid off when people point out everything.

We look forward to unleashing Briar in all his reckless, annoying glory at some point... but let me just warn you he uh, he can't be fixed LMAO. He's still loveable regardless !

Thank you!! We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed Rye's route. It was definitely a challenge to make due with such a short time frame for every romance and still make it believable and we're glad it was believable!

And thank you, the designs were my personal favourite part of the process :D condensing seasons into fashion was a lot of fun

Thank you so much! We'd certainly love to revisit them :D (including #4... we're glad to hear his design made a good impression!) 

aw thank you!! I wish more games had it too, I always find it so cute on LIs! 

he's hereee! we hope you enjoy his route!! 

Thank you for the lovely comment! The extra time allowed us to add a little extra to his route in terms of assets so hopefully it'll be a nice treat to wrap up the game. Thank you for supporting 3 Seasons!

Thank you ReyHey! I remember your comment from your post on my other game, thanks for taking the time to play 3 Seasons! We really wanted to showcase an MC close to our hearts since we're also WoC, so it's lovely to hear that it made an impact.

And thank you for your kind comments about their designs! We spent a lot of time trying to make them all equally unique and attractive heheh. We can't wait for you to experience Rye's route! 

Thank you  so much!! It really means a lot to be thanked for making a game, we appreciate that deeply. We're glad you liked Yuto and Sol and we hope you enjoy Rye's route when it comes out! 

Hi there, unfortunately I can't test it on any linux systems so I'm not able to directly troubleshoot for you, but my understanding is that you would launch the .sh file after you extract the game.

Extract [the game] and then double-click on any additional directory it might have created. You’ll find a .sh file inside, which is a shell script. You can either execute this from the command line by issuing /path/to/directory/ with the path being replaced by the location and name of the file, or by double-clicking it in a Linux file manager. If double-clicking it gives you a code listing, then right-click on the file, select Permissions and then make sure the “Execute: Only Owner” function is selected before trying again.

This is from this help page here.

That being said, we updated to Renp'y 8.0 when we published this build, and apparently 32 bit linux isn't supported in this edition of Renp'y right now so if it's still not working, it might be that? Really wish I could help further but my linux knowledge is limited. There seems to be tutorials on youtube about this though.

Thank you so much!! and this is the first time someone pointed out those lines LOL, I'm happy to hear they got a reaction. 

We hope you enjoy Rye's route when it comes out! 

We'd very much like to add a route for Briar at some point 👀

Thank you for the kind words!! We really appreciate it ♥♥♥ Happy to hear you enjoyed Yuto's route! We can't wait to release Rye. 

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and all of your support and kind words during development! It was nice to have someone following along and enjoy the end product ♥  And it sounds like the last appearance made the impression we aimed for heheh

Aw thank you!! We love hearing about first impressions vs final for our LIs, really glad to hear Yuto won you over heheh. 

We're very excited to add Rye and hope you enjoy his route!

Thank you for playing and for the sweet comment! We're glad you enjoyed Sol & Yuto! We hope Rye is just as memorable ♥

Thank you!!

Thank you so much! We can't wait to get Rye's route out there.

And thank you very much for the feedback! We've implemented a fix for the expression issues in his route (in the 2 instances we found where this happens). The 1.1 build is available with the fix! 

Thank you so much!!! I honestly gushed over this comment hahaha! I'm so happy to hear the game was relatable to you, that's one of the best compliments I could receive writing-wise. I worried a little bit in making this game that it wouldn't quite land with people who live in countries where Halloween isn't as big of a deal, so it's a relief to hear it's still relatable!

Loved hearing your thoughts on the characters! 

I do wish I'd had more time to expand Grimm's part and give more than the tease there is of him!

Anyway thank you again for the thoughtful comment, getting these really motivates me to come back to Halloween Scrooge with an expansion/follow-up.

I've finally had some time to play this and go through all the endings, From the little bits I'd seen of your development/others comments, I knew it would likely be a sad game but I also found it soothing/relaxing. I think the music selection + writing itself was a big factor in that. At the same time, I really felt the main character's emotions at key parts, like when her idea didn't go as planned and her friend's reaction. 

The mix of drawn assets + perfectly selected backgrounds / music really meshed together well. 

I'm not sure if itch has spoiler notation so I hope this is enough to make a read-more prompt:


- the End 3 CG was really gorgeous! I was curious if we'd get to see Haze from a different angle, the design is really cool! 

- Love the inclusion of the after credit message in that ending as well  

- At first I thought End 2 was the saddest one, but after playing through End 1, I think to me that one is actually saddest. The imagery of Willow biking down to the lake each time only to be met with nothing an the mix of emotions (disappointment, guilt). It makes me wonder what the demon's POV was when they decided to leave.  How long did they wait for her to come back? etc.

Overall, really enjoyable! 

Thank you!!  I would definitely like to expand their world, potentially add more characters etc but I'll have to take it slow on a bigger project, maybe in time for next halloween. 

Re: burnout, doing this solo did not help LOL but if you can get a team, a gamejam is a suuuper efficient way to get at least a demo done for your first game! Having that deadline set in stone was a good motivator. 

Thank you! We'll see hahah!

Thank you!! I'm really happy to hear that, it was definitely a concern to me whether the story would be cohesive enough to make up for the shorter length due to the timeframe.

Thank you so much!!  I'm glad you enjoyed it and that Grimm didn't disappoint heheh. It was exhausting for sure but well worth the experience. 

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I really appreciate it. I'm so glad you enjoyed the little details, and Jak's cuteness stood out! I didn't think he would have as many fans as the other two so it's nice to hear that he's someone's fave heheh!