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As an black enby  and afab I appreciate a lot when game devs put a black mc, I'm so tired of playing with white characters... I prefer playing with a blank slate mc who I can customize bc of that. 

Finally played Rye's route! And I loved it! I didn't expect to like him so much! We have a lot in common, we are artists, hopeless romantics.... I want to steal his room and wardrobe! He teases a lot to hide his true feeling and he's so cute when is truly honest, now I want to tease him lol! It's so funny that Sol interrupts every other character when it isn't his route lmao, he knows, guys, it makes me wanna hug him and tell him he's  not alone. The game is short but it's awesome! I can how much work and love y'all poured in it. Every character is unique and loveable in their on way, the designs and backgrounds are so pretty and well-drawn! 

Now, if Briar is really coming... I have to be prepared! He's sure pure chaos lol!