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i relate and I fear it

nvm I think I got the two poses, unless there's more

so do you update this game along with the hd version or does the hd version have poses not found here?

do you have a good internet connection

bad  news, it will not be out early 2018. more like mid

yeah. I also ment this app when I said 'game'. However the app works now because my laptop is stupid and decides things on it's own

does it work in vrchat?

just going to add that I get the files form the setup, but the app doesn't open nor do I get the shortcut

I have a problem with the app. When I try to open it (on windows) the mouse would do a quick load animation and nothing. After uninstalling the game, the setup.exe would go about halfway and then close itself. I restarted my laptop a couple of times and nothing happened. any ideas on how to fix this?