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I WISH! I don't think I'm quiiiite big enough of a celebrity in the gaming space and game designer for them to get me a ticket and room for the event. But if they did, you better believe I'd be there!

Bummer. I'll have to look into safe and secure methods for buyers. Otherwise, just crowdfunding events and buying directly from me at cons at the moment. Sorry it's not a better answer.

Possibly. I have some physical zines from the Kickstarter and can make more. Does itch have a good way to gather addresses and such? Or another service that makes shipping zines easy and safe for buyers?

You're welcome. I hope it brings much fun to your table.

Just for asking, I added 40 new community copies in and put it on sale for those who want to purchase to support. I hope you enjoy it.

Played the demo at MagFest. Interested in seeing the full release when it hits.

With this book, you can have ALL of these items (in your game)!

Thank you for the compliment about the writing. It was a blast to write and Steffie's adventure in it is also fun and really well written.

Thank you for supporting the trans rights bundle! And thank you for commenting! It means a lot to see folks enjoying my work.

PF2 is a fun system. I'm glad to see someone use it with that. I hope you and your players enjoy it and you enjoy it.

I also uploaded a backgroundless PNG of Grinderbin if you need their image or the game.


There was a large text version, but updating it became troublesome and since it's digital, bigger text didn't seem like benefit for anyone since zoom should fix the issue. So I removed the large text version. If that's an issue, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks, and I'm glad you like it.

I like the idea of mixing it with that item from Grinderbin's. That's giving me an idea...

Glad you like the book!

With 60 effects, we definitely wanted to include a wide range of options, with some working better for crunchier systems and others leaning further toward roleplay-focused groups. I'm glad the majority are overwhelmingly positive for you.

Thanks for the glowing review! I'm glad you like it. And I fixed that error you mentioned. I believe it popped up when I had to do some reformatting to add the blemmyes. Thanks for that!

Thanks! I'm thrilled you think it's useful.

Thanks ^_^

Want  it?  It's  free!

What happens to a specific NPC when the players leave town? Do they just work at their job, sleep, repeat until the players return? Nothing new or important happens  in their life?

With  a set of dice, you can learn what they've been doing while the players were away, giving the NPC some life and personality- maybe even putting them in a new position or place in the world. 

The book contains 3 All Dice Tables for NPCs. One for general events, such as getting a new occupation, finding  love, or going on their own adventure. One for unfortunate events, such as  being cursed, getting into debt with the wrong people, or having an unfortunate encounter with monsters. And one for absolutely absurd events, such as having a deity fall in love with them, dying (possibly not for very long), or growing additional heads with their own agendas.

Written by Jesse Galena and Thomas George.

Thank you! I'm glad to know you like it.

Shucks golly. Thank you so much for saying so! I'm glad you love it and use it that much! I'm also excited for updates and new projects, so I'm thrilled to know someone else is looking forward to them as well.

Thanks again for bringing up community copies.

So I read up on it and I like the idea, but I wanted to do it a bit differently. Rather than having copies based on sales, I have it open to anyone who asks. However, the current layout for community copies won't let me do that, so I added it manually.

Thanks for the guide. The one I found was for a now outdated interface on itch.

I'm new to itch, so I'll have to look into how to get that set up. But the idea of community copies seems nice. Thanks for bringing it up.

Instead of a sequel, I will be adding more folk to the book. That way everyone who already bought it has access to the new material.

There will be a separate companion book called something like One Page Lore: Locations that will get into the culture of different places and ways that can influence a character. Separating nature (Fantasy Folk) from nurture (Locations) is a big part of the One Page Lore series.

Thanks for asking!

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SHHH! Don't let the secret out! (And thanks. I'm glad you like it!)

Super glad to hear- or technically read- that! I hope everyone at your table thinks so as well.

<3 Thank you.

One Page Lore: Fantasy Folk provides the highlights for the diverse and unique people you'll meet in fantasy tabletop role playing games (TTRPGs) that makes them fun to play as characters or non-player characters (NPCs) no matter what system you use.

It also provides alternatives to and removes personality restrictions, social constraints, and problematic tropes, allowing for better, more engaging characters. Players and DMs can use these ideas as ground work or suggestions when creating characters, expanding on these ideas to the limits of their imaginations, personal taste, and setting.

Oh, and it packs it all into one page, so you can start playing sooner.

Launches June 8th, 2020, and is 50% off for early adopters.

I want this on my phone. It's fun and adorable.