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Honestly it did surprise me!

I did not expect this game to be this interesting and use the Resident Evil mansion xD

The story is interesting but I feel like, despite this game being short, there could have been done so much more with it, for example:

- The town is mentioned by name but sadly you already start in the Mansion, missed opportunity to actually show the town and leave the mansion for the finale

- The Mansion could have had more rooms to be explorable with maybe different types of enemies

Other than that, it was surprisingly creative with the puzzles and I did really enjoy it!

A fun short game!

There are some things I would like to point out though;

- A couple spelling mistakes
- The lamp shade's shader in the basement has the culling mode set to off, which makes the inside of the lamp shade invisible

- Getting stuck on walls / the character stopping is kinda annoying, especially upstairs

These were only small nitpicks, but something I think that could have done better was the story; the premise is okay but the story feels very disconnected to the game. It is only mentioned on here and not in the game, which is especially confusing for a viewer for example.

Plus why is he "seeking revenge" on the player? What did the player do to the antagonist? Things like this could have been fleshed out more.

I do know that this is just a short game, but it could have made the game a little bit better in my opinion, but other than that it was not bad and I did enjoy it!

Aww thank you!

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Video has chapters, this is the last one I played!

Good game! I like the concept, the atmosphere and the lore in this game.

One thing to mention; the enemy in the second floor was a bit unclear to understand on "what to do", so I had to resort on watching someone's video for that part.

But other than that, I really liked it! Tho maaayybe the NSFW mode option should be disabled by default, I don't know what or if it does anything, but you know lol

Happy Holidays!

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(Video has chapters, this game is the second one!)
Nice game, 
something I do want to mention is that (I assume) dur to some assets, the area in direction to the house is kinda laggy. Not a gamebreaking thing by any means, tho something noteworthy.

I feel like some of the sounds used, mainly the radio/distorted crying in the maze were unnecessary, but that is just my opinion there.

I also think that the UVs were a bit messed up for the walls, I can only speak for stuff like that from a Blender perspective, no clue how that works in Unity, but the textures reprating was a bit obvious. The rooms also felt bigger than they needed to be imo. That Santa is into some kinky stuff tho xD

All in all, not a bad game, especially considering how fast this was done! Bonus points for all OS compatibility!

Video has Chapters, this one is the first!

I really love the style, setting and charm of it. But as you may already expect, the second task made me look up a video xD

I thought the game broke because right under where the Garlands should be, there is a thing sticking out of the floor. So I assumed the game was broken, I think it also made it a bit more confusing since the Basement is locked at first, I believe. And that you usually interacted with objectives directly (Fireplace, Dishes, etc)

But other than that, this shader/texture work for this game is amazing, really well done, and the charm was in point!

The game really stands out with its visual style!

Happy Holidays!

I can only say: what did I just play xD 

That ending caught me off guard so hard lol

It's fun, gameplay is simple and you can outrun Santa easily (unless he got you cornered lol)

Short but sweet!

Oh I love this game, the style of it reminds me of Im Scared and the audio is just perfect!

Made me think that I'm playing a horror game from 2010-2012 xD

Short and sweet!

What a lovely game!

I knew I saw that house from somewhere lol (not complaining about the use of assets, good to see that this house is a usable asset!)

I love the story and endings of it, very charming and at some points very unexpected!

I did almost manage to glitch out of the house, sadly I did not succeed xD

A fun little game!

I really liked it, wish it was a bit longer tho xD

Also can I quickly say, that spray bottle effect on the windows is top tier xD

What a good little game!

I enjoyed it a lot! Went to get the endings because I was curious about what may happen and it was pretty interesting, I had my fun with it, thank you for this short little horror experience!

Wow. Simply wow..

This is amazing, I knew your previous game was good but this game tops that. This is genuinely one of, if not, the best game I have played so far on ItchIo

The story is great, the atmosphere is perfect and the sound is very well done!

I would like to see some accessibility options, like the camera flash being reduced for the people who are sensitive to flashing lights, however other than that, I have no real criticism about this game.

A bug I did encounter however, was that if you reverse your car, it seems to just speed up quite a bit, Big Rigs style xD

Other than that, so excited to see what you will make next!

This is a very good game, I really like it!

That artstyle and presentation of this game is great, but I do have some things I would like to mention:

  • To me it was a bit confusing at first since I did not really understand what I had to do, with playing that sorted itself though
  • The Chica Showdown was a bit annoying to learn since restarting meant losing a couple minutes where time already felt super slow
  • I feel like that there is a contrediction with the "lights confuse animatronics" thing, since in the vent to your left, you have to turn on the lights to stop, for example, Bonnie

Other that that it was a really nice bite-sized game and it captures the FNAF aesthetic perfectly! Animations, modeling, lighting and the surroundings felt really well made!

Plus that this game was made in Godot is a plus in my book, very cool!

Nice game!

It’s short but sweet, very well done! The ending did feel a bit forced, however, other than that I like the atmosphere and sound design of the game.

The bed upstairs seems to have no collision and you can open/close a door upstairs through the ceiling light in the kitchen, so that may be something to check out!

Here it is!

I did really enjoy it! It has replayability and I do really like that. I also like that the layout seems to be randomized on each run, I do not know if it is for sure, but it definitely felt that way!

As always, some of the feedback I mentioned before (the comment before) is also mentioned at the end of the video, in case you would like to hear that!

Very impressed by your games, and I hope to continue playing and sharing my thoughts on your upcoming games!

Nice game!

I wanted to write a comment just to give my current thoughts on it, I will post a new comment once my video is done, in case you want to see that when it is done (aka on Friday lol).

So far I would like to just mention a few things that could maybe make the game a little "better" (lack of a better term..)

- The tutorial text in game was a bit too fast for me to read, maybe having to click the mouse to progress would make the tutorial more newcomer friendly, since I had basically no idea what to do

- The key model looked more like a handsaw to me, could be just me, but maybe updating that model would be helpful lol

- Adding how many fuel cans you have in the inventory could be useful for planning

- I did not encounter the different 2 enemies, just Shelly. I don't know if you are supposed to encounter them, but yeah I have not seen them while playing lol

- Maybe allowing the flashlight to be toggled on/off while the generator is running could be useful

That's all I can think of for now, as always I really like checking out your games, they have a certiain charm to them!

I’m glad that you find the comment helpful ^^

Good game, but I do have a few things I want to mention:

- The FOV is very low and the perspectives feel odd

- When entering the Gas Station the ambient sounds are disabled, however if you walk out of the gas station and back into it, the sounds will play in the gas station

- No options menu, would have been a good addition for things like the mouse sensitivity and audio

- In the ending screens my mouse disappeared once, meaning I had to Alt F4 the game

None of these are game breaking or anything like that, but maybe would be good to take these points into account for a patch or the next project!

Regardless, good little game, I enjoyed my time with it!

Great game, however the performance was not that great. A options menu would have been a nice addition.

I was able to clip though objects, but I never clipped through the map, other than that I did not encounter any bugs.

Story was good, gameplay was good. However, I am not sure if she left him, or if she passed away.

I like the P.T. Style gameplay, and it is done very well!

Very fun game! I like the idea, however I think there could have been done more. However, it was a nice little horror experience and I would like to see more games with this general idea, because there is a lot of potential here!

Another great game!

I really enjoyed the story and styling of the game, however I think that some accessibility options would be nice.

The filters, while adding to the feel, can be very distracting and a but too much. Being able to reduce or turn off the filters would be greatly appreciated.

Good short, little game!

I enjoyed it! However when you die and have to restart from the beginning + cutscene was a bit frustrating.

Other than that, I noticed that the game took 90% of my 2060 and the game ran at like 30FPS or so, I’m guessing the game was not optimized for my hardware or smth, but other than that I did not run into any issues!

That this was made in 2 days is pretty impressive!

I really like the setting of this, but I do wish that there was a bit more in this, maybe a second ending or smth like that. However for what it is, it is pretty good! I love the gameplay idea of utilizing a Ouija board, because with each question you get a feeling of uncertainty to what the answer could be.

I will say this though; the amount of flashing/flickerin lights is a bit much, a warning before starting the game or a accessibility feature for those who need it would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I think the description is wrong: "WASD / Left Joystick -  Move" and "Mouse / Left Joystick - Look", shouldn't it be Left and Right. I have not played with a controller, but I thought I would add this here just in case!

All in all, a nice short game, I liked it!

Another great game from Lixian!

Looks good, sounds good and has a grat amount of charm with the voice acting!

I do not really see the connection with FNAF if I am honest, I mean the lights do remind me of how it was in FNAF but I dunno, I was kinda expecting something different there. However, not bad tho!

If you are thinking about playing this, I highly encourage you to do so, it is worth your while!

Plus the extended ending kinda felt weird to me, it leaves more questions than answers but it's fine lol

Very nice! It has potential and I hope that we can see more of games like these. Body camera works really well for horror games. But I do think there are some things that need to be changed, mainly the fov change when you start walking, as it can be very disorienting at first. I wish it would have been a bit longer and had more elements, but for a prototype this is completely fine!

But other than that, this game is great, very tense, the atmosphere is on point and the ending is horrifying!

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This was really nice!

I enjoyed this game very much, I liked the atmosphere and the story was great.

I did kinda clip through the wall near the end of the game, but other than that I did not encounter any bugs.

The addition of Checkpoints would have been good, because I was dumb and died, do I had to play it from the beginning again lol

I honestly would want to see more from this, I think the story has potential and could be made into something bigger!

Edit: Oh I did not realize that you made “A Craft Of Mine”, a game I really liked! I’ll definitely will check out your other projects because you make some good stuff!

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I liked it!

The story felt a bit weird, however, not bad for being a short game.

Sadly there was no Minecraft Hotbar, but I am no game dev, so I do not know how you would even add those lol

There was more content than I thought, which pleasantly surprised me.

At the throne room (I assume it is) it would have been cool if the music was played in something like Noteblock Studio, but I also understand that there is the possibility that the music was some royalty free music, so that is not really a criticism  or anything. Just would have fit the whole Minecraft feel more.

Before the elevator there was a lighting glitch, which is visible in my video, I made a joke about how it is “just like in Minecraft”. But it could be that the lights just took more time to load, as they did come back shortly after.

The doors texture seems to be flipped on one side, I do not know if you are aware of that, I just wanted to mention it!

But all in all, not bad, I’ll definitely check out your other projects!

It’s short but sweet, I do wish that there was a bit more to do, maybe alternating endings and maybe more lore to find.

However I did enjoy it

I never thought that I would play a Nextbot thing outside of Gmod, but here we are lol

I haven’t gotten far into it, but it is a cool concept, plus, I’m glad that the cast of characters isn’t the “usual” Nextbots I am familiar with lol

The game is pretty well done and it works well, though the spawn rate of the nextbots was a bit too much for my liking xD

Short but sweet, feel like the game had inspiration from Fears To Fathom, which is not a bad thing!

It is a bit short and ends abruptly, I totally expected to have a chase sequence back to the car and stuff, but that it ends like this makes it stand out a bit more compared to the other games on this site, in my opinion!

it’s nice, the fact that this was done in 7 days is pretty impressive in my opinion.

There are some issues that would be nice to have fixed, such as the performance and that you can get behind the invisible wall as I have done in my video.

Regardless it actually was pretty nice, very short though lol

This game is lovely, super great with the writing, charm and unsettling feeling. There is something about this game that makes it so lovely and yet so unsettling, and I am all for that.

There needs to be more horror type games set in Malls, absolutely love the aesthetic!

Amazing game, had such a great time playing it!

Definitely an improvement in terms of gameplay over the last game, I think the enemy should be adjusted a little bit however, you can probably see what I mean in my video

Honestly, this game surprised me. I don’t know what I was expecting but it is really nice. I love the endless mode with its modifiers a lot, that assures replay ability!

Pretty good game! Not too much going on, but ramps up in intensity with each floor, I like it! Maybe I missed something but the hiding in the closet feature made me thing that there would be something going to actively hunt me. Definitely has a feeling of dread!
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A very short but nice game!

For this being your second 3D horror game I must say that is not bad in the slightest. Sure it may not have really spooked me but there is more to the horror game genre than just spooks and scares.

The atmosphere is there and you do get a sense feeling knowing that at one point there will be someone with you in the house. And even more so after the power cuts out. Good atmosphere with a splash of funny moments!

I love this game.

This has to be one of my favorite horror games by far. I hate being chased and this game gives me that feel of unease and has incredibly fun gameplay.

Worth every penny!

a solid little game, however I do find it a bit too dark.

The game has a good setting but falls rather short, I do like that it gives you the feeling of being watched and messed with (the radio)