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Fun game, as embarrassing as it sounds it got me a couple times when I let my guard down, but I am brave enough to admit that xD

It did have good atmosphere and while I am not really a fan of loud = scary I think I can let it pass here. I think it would have made the game better if there was some sort of hide mechanic, as in; hide under a table or something like this in order to escape him, rather than to just run out of his view, but other than that I think it was a solid little game!

I did find a place where a wall was not fully connected which I also have shown in my video, purely cosmetic, you cannot clip through the wall or anything but I wanted to point that out, maybe there will be a small fix adressing this

Short and sweet game! I do like that the suitcase is not always in the same spot, maybe the code could be made random as well. I did find a place where you could run up a tree, not sure if that is fixed now or not. I have been playing on a older version of it.

I enjoyed my time with this game! 

Going into this, I thought it was gonna be your average short horror game, but oh how wrong I was. I did not expect this game to have so much charm and funny writing. And the ending is amazing.

I loved every second of it! Amazing work!

This game actually surprised me, I may not reflect that in my video but for being a short little horror game it is surprisingly well done!

Did not know that there were 4 endings, I only got 2 endings, may need to go back and see of I can find them.

I do wish that it has mouse sensitivity settings but that can probably be added with a small patch. But all in all a very nice experience, I’ll definitely keep my eye out for future updates!

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Great game! Enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed your video about making it!

I do wish that the encounters would have been random and not scripted, but maybe for a future game!

I did encounter “a bug” if you can call it that, playing on the lowest resolution (I had to, 3D model and games at the same time tend to be quite hard on PCs) causes the text in the credits to be messed up. But other than that it is a very good game, short but very sweet!

Could be scarier tho ;>

Very short but was enjoyable! I only did one out of the 3 endings but may revisit in in the future to do the remaining 2.

A settings menu would have been nice to decrease or disable the film grain, maybe some added ambient sounds would have added more atmosphere but other than that it was a enjoyable experience! 

What a really nice short experience!

I really enjoyed playing this game, it had an unsettling atmosphere and had some scares that got me! A great art style and concept, it was a joy to play and I recommend everyone to give it a go!

Really well done! It felt more like a polished experience instead of quick spooks, which I always prefer!

The audio sources are a little weird, I think a couple puzzle elements would have worked really well, however, but given that this was done in 9 weeks it is not bad at all!

This was amazing! The game as a concept is great, the feeling if not knowing what is in the dark until you scan it is great!

Very very close to the Garry’s Mod gamemode,I liked it a lot, maybe a update with a couple new levels or new things stalking in the dark would be cool, expanding on the idea!

Really good game, I loved it!

Really well done game!

One thing I will mention however is that I think the walking speed is a little too slow, but I understand that this adds a form of dread. Otherwise maybe at the end have a button to go back to the menu, since I believe I had to Alt F4 the game to quit it. Or maybe there was a button and I was just blind lol

While I can relate to the fear of a stranger being in the attic, I had/have the fear of someone being in the basement.

What a great game. I enjoyed every second of it from what I played, it was nice going through it and the writing was great!

The message is definitely deeper than what it looks like on the surface but was still refreshing to go through after playing a lot of traditional horror games!

On the side that may need to be addressed;

- In front of the VIP door there are both spirits in one, not sure if that was intentional

- A options menu would have been nice

A really good game!

I like the idea of this game, however I think it could have done well without the “jumpscares” and it should have focused more on the atmosphere and writing. Other than that it was a solid game! Nice work!

This game was incredibly well made!

I loved it. The story it told was well done, the length of the game is perfect and the art style is great! I kinda wished that the game had a options menu to adjust volume and the usual settings. However, thank you a lot for including flashing lights and volume warnings, I think every game should include those on boot!

That ESC quit the game instantly at any point is one thing I dislike since you could in theory press it by accident and then lose all of the progress you made.

The use of AI for the faces and the use of Dall-E is a really nice touch since I think horror games can really take advantage of the creations of AI!

This was a really good looking game,

it had great visuals and it felt polished. A really nice demo! However I think a (manual or auto) save mechanic would have been great for the one time you can actually die in, yes I know it is only maybe a 1 minute walk if you know what to do but kind of annoying the first time, but the introductions of an "enemy" itself to me felt like kind of a cheap way of introducing a mechanic (the hide mechanic) that was not utilized in the demo, well, only once. Maybe it will be in the full release. Another thing I will quickly mention is the ladder, I personally could not find it and had to look up a walkthrough / a video of it to find it, maybe moving the lamp next to it or changing the color could make it a little more visible, other than that I really enjoyed this demo!

I really hope this makes it to a full release because the style and gameplay is something I always liked, this Oulast-styled camcorder theme is great and I cannot wait to see more!

third game - timestamps in the description (should also be chapters after some time!)

What a super nice setting! I loved it! Loved chatting with the demons and finding my way into hell itself! Would have been cool if there would have been some small puzzles, however a great game nonetheless!

Second game - Timestamp in the description!

Really nice demo, I enjoyed it! The mechanic with the ball could have been used more but since it is a demo I will not be too critical of it. I would have added a fov slider to maybe 90 degrees since the fov is very narrow (I understand that this makes games a bit more scary)

Really cool game! I enjoyed it a lot and the multiple endings are nice!
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This is a nice game, however the models of the “monsters” could use a bit of work, the sound design is okay but sadly the visuals kinda made it a bit “goofy” for me. However, nice game! It is the second video in my video, there should be timestamps in the description!

Above is my playthrough and below are my thoughts on the game:

This is a good concept, however it needs a lot of work. There are some things I would like to have addressed in the future of this project, mainly being:

- The Flashlight is basically useless because the game is bright enough, which is fixable with a brightness slider or not implementing the flashlight. The Flashlight could have a cool purpose, like seeing invisible writing on a wall or something

- The world feels off; you are a child but yet everything seems tailored to the player height, making your height actually be a challenge could be a interesting mechanic for puzzle solving?

- Placement of some objects like benches or the diagonal wall are off and make the world not feel that immersive, I never felt like I was in a “Mirror World”, there is a lot you can do with this concept (Mirror World) but it hasn’t been executed well in this, sadly.

- Slenderman is not a real threat, not saying he has to be, but that you can always look directly at him kind of contradicts the other Slender games and what I believe to be a key feature of Slenderman

- His Pathfinding is also not great

- This has no business being (extracted) 7GB, or a 3GB download, compressing the game assets would be nicer for most people and people who maybe do not have either good storage or good internet connection considering how short this Part 1 is.

- The Part 1 leaves a lot of questions about the story and the world itself which sadly hasn’t been explained 

I had fun playing it, however it was not a game I would consider scary, but there is a lot you can work on in making it better

I’m glad you like my stuff!

(First Game) This game looked amazing, absolutely loved it, though I think I played it out of order, heh

really cool game! I really like the style and sound design!

Great game, I loved it! Really looking forward to the game you are working on, it looks awesome from the teaser video in the game! I knew the game was gonna be short but it is just long enough! Looks great, good sound design and amazing ending!

this is the second game I played in my video (timestamps in the description)

I did not know anything about this while playing and it was good! I know it might sound a bit weird but I feel like I missed some spooks because I was just goofing around heh

However, I love the atmosphere and settings of it, very nice!

what a good looking game, it is a cool demo. It is the last game I played in my video, there should be chapters (timestamps in the description). A solid demo and I see the potential! It looks really good and has a nice atmosphere

What a nice game! That this was made in -0 days is actually incredible, it had some cheap spooks but was a very enjoyable experience, thank you for making this, I really liked it!

A really cool game, I loved playing it, however the VHS static and warping filter was a bit too much in my opinion. Otherwise a really nice short experience!

Always enjoy games that focus more on the atmosphere and not give quick jumpscares. 

This was a good game and it did catch me off guard. But I guess I was just stopping by :>

This game was really nice, I enjoyed it! I never watched the movies myself however I can see that this was made with a lot of love

If you wish to watch my video then that would be amazing <3

Loved it, great game! It actually managed to spook me xD

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If you want to watch my video about it please feel free to click the embedded, that would be greatly appreciated!

The Last Utopi melted my dyslexic brain with the amount of text the game has. That however is not a bad thing at all, I really enjoyed playing the through game and reading the story about what - or rather who - made humans leave earth so rapidly.

I expected something completely different but I loved every second of it.

And a plus for the great product descriptions

I really liked it, however the ending felt a bit rushed / cheap. However I do always enjoy a good P.T. type game setting! Always love the "PS1 / PSX" style!

If someone does not want to download it (or cannot due to different platforms or wine not running it) you can check out my video on it! (Timestamp should be in the link, if not, the video has chapters!)

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Moe's Body Shop is a game I did enjoy, however I might be missing something but the threat or feeling of dread is sadly not there. The game has atmosphere but I never encountered Moe while playing heh

If you want to watch me play it, then please do check out my video (timestamp should be in the link, if not I added chapters, though the video is pretty funny :> )

It has a lot of cheap-ish jumpscares, however I can see a game in this setting being scary. Maybe Slendrina should have a bot roaming / hunting the player. This has of course been done before however it could work here.

If you want to see the game I played it on my channel, would be greatly appreciated!

A really good short experience.

I knew nothing about this game and only looked at the screenshots, but this is a really really good experience.

I highly advise anyone to play this game, or if you do not want to you can check out my video about it!

Now I am excited to check out their other game and the ones which may come later

This was one of my favorite games in my streaming series "Horror With The Lads",

and I am really interested what this game may look like once it gets released, I quite enjoyed the demo and the atmosphere and style are nailed perfectly!

The game was pretty nice, I enjoyed it with my friends on my stream, if you want to check it out here it is, all fun and goofs!