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Всем большое спасибо за оценки и комментарии! :)

Ребята, спасибо за отзывы и замечания! Очень интересно видеть взгляд на нашу игру с разных сторон :)

I'm still on the server 🥳 streepje8 and Wituz, thanks for the help! Problem solved.

Wituz, thank you! Joined using the new link at 23:16, GMT+7 here. Will check at the next morning and post a result here. Hope, this night I will stay on the server 🤞

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Remembered something: while reading channels I accidentally joined the "Voice" channel and left it after some seconds. That was mostly weird thing I've done as I remember.

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Thanks, streepje8! Take your time, it's not urgent. I thought it might be an issue for others too, so you should check. Some details that might be helpful: I've done no more than joining and reading the channels for the first tries and no more than introduced myself on one of the following tries, when I was not kicked and got time for sending the message.

Thought kicks were due to inactivity, but it was hard to send a message between time after 10 minutes of initial waiting and kick, so that looked strange 🙃

Good day, everyone! Can someone please help me?

Something is kicking me off GameDev Community several minutes after joining. Tried to join multiple times, introduced myself, but kicks are still happening. Tried to find the rules in channels and on the Internet with no luck. Joined from The Flair Fair jam page on

I'm curious, what are the rules? 🙃