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Thanks! :)

like it!!!

cool text adventure!!!

Great! Thanks

Thank you very much! :)

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Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Unfortunately, I had no time to improve it by the end of the jam

good! like it

fast game and very good presentation!

very fast implementation! great

nice implementation!

Good game and beautiful intro tune!

Very good! I like it and the fast fill really helps!

I spent a good half an hour wandering through the jungle! :)

Great idea using POKEs to change attributes! I like it!

Thank you very much for your appreciation and feedback! Yes, writing a snake game can be harder than it looks, especially when dealing with BASIC :)
I had to cut off some features I initially thought of, in order to keep the game at a playable speed. There are many things that could be improved as I just finished coding it in a rush... maybe I could make apples lifetime proportional to snake length and try to optimize further the whole thing.

Hi! An idea could be pre-calculating values that will be used often or making "conversion tables" accessed instead of calculating values every time, but it depends on what your game has to do...

You can also use redundant data structures (48K is a LOT of memory ;) ) to access data more quickly. For my snake, I used a single dimension array acting as circular buffer to update the tail position at each step and added a bidimensional array matrix to check for collisions with the snake itself (besides walls of mongoose).

I used notepad++ on win and the command line tool bas2tap to create the tap. How I miss a debugger! :) Of course some quick test on the emulator (fuse) before coding.

For the title screen,, imagetozxspec to convert to scr and command line tool tapmaker for the tap.

Then good old copy /b command to put pieces together!

Last thing I would like to do is put it on an audio cassette an play it on my speccy, for real authentic experience :D

Thank you! :)

I started quickly last weekend, thinking I could even make one more entry, then run out of free time... hopefully in the coming weekend I will publish something.

I am also looking forward to playing your games, they look very interesting!

Thank you! :)

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Hi everybody! My name is Marco, I'm from Italy. My first computer in the 80s was a Speccy (actually a +2); it heavily influenced my life, since it made me fall in love with computer programming. I still love old computers and particularly Sinclair machines and In my (little) free time I like to develop simple programs for them, mainly using C, but I am also learning Assembly.  My BASIC is a bit rusty, BTW I will try to submit something to the Jam!