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Hmmm...thanks, will do!

Seems like a legit game!


After escaping the begin area and getting both the helmet and suit/gun...

I am stuck in small room with no way out.

Some kind of power up, two little crawlers, and a weird barrier blocking the power up.

The exit thingy changed to red...

Pretty good game...

Impossible not to beat.

Zero difficulty :(

Lots of farming available :P

Too bad the ploayer sprite wasn't fully animated.

No weapon sprite for the player :/

But, still much better than many of the other games on Itch and gamejolt!



5 lives

Also, missed the stairs behind the stone...

Great game!

Obvious zelda clone...

A difference set of tree sprites and soundFX would have made a big difference in the originalily.

Four stars!!!!

I beat this in one go!


'G' restarts the game?

Use a controller, indeed.

Please learn to implement standard keyboard buttons. WASD or arrow keys.

Otherwise, great game.

I have been downthe elevator and back again and I have 1160 and still no use for the book :/

I guess I'll be the  first to ask...

If you already have the girl (the prize), then

what is the end game here?

thanx for your feedback, I'll think about that.

I may get the scenes done before I spend the time to do roughly 15 pages of storyboarding.

kind of feedback? 

Just what ur take on it, is.

"Could you make the cutscene as written, if you had to?"

That is the  idea.

I have to agree with markthewolf, though.

It feels like your piloting a dirrigible.

The player's movements need more fricton.

Not a bad prototype. Nice pause/inventory screen. Could use particle systems for better effects and shaders for shadows.

Nice game, but not new idea. Another monster farming sim, however this is a cute execution of it. Money/blood/crystal drop ratio does not match money/blood/crystal buy-requirements ratio. By the time you have enough blood and crystals to better feidns, you are broke in the money category, due to the continual need for zombies. love the sprites. Looking forward to the updates.


THIS GAME IS BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome game!

Featuring a genuis level design, fluid sprite movement, and an easy to use weapon system.

Not just a run-n-gun.

The player has to make choices and sacrifices.

Which path will you walk first?

If I bypass the 'optional' equipment, how much sooner will I die?

One must have a strategy to stay alive and survive this twsted puzzle platform gauntlet.