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I really hope to eventually see the full release of the game. Simply from the prologue, I can tell that a lot of dedication has been put into making this story. Plus, with a conclusion like that, I feel really bad. It's as if I condemned the guy I like to death... not a pretty thought to have. I'm still wondering if the explosion is because the protagonist messed with forces she shouldn't have or if there's someone else involved. It would also be good to learn whether the pendant simply tracks magic or if it was the cause of the magic. Needless to say, there are a lot of questions I look forward to learning the answers to.

Also, I just wanted to point out that it's a wonderful idea to have the scenes accompany the special images in the gallery. I really like it, especially for when games continue for a while. That way, it's kind of like a refresher when you need a break.

Anyways, please continue to work hard on the game. It'd be a waste not to see the final product.

Timed games aren't really my specialty, so it makes sense that I received the poor ending. However, I found the concept rather interesting. Definitely worth checking out.

I just finished the demo now, and I have to admit it's pretty good. I like how different choices offer a variety of information regarding the suspect pool, but how there are also more than one means of acquiring knowledge regarding individual recurring suspects. Since it's rather late at night for me at the moment, I'll save my deeper investigations for another day, but I am looking forward to listing out all the current clues to factor a guess as to the true murderer. However, I'm definitely taking the options themselves seriously. I'm curious to know exactly how the story changes depending upon the details Elvira chooses to investigate, as this is ultimately a romance game. The obvious assumption would be to focus solely upon your chosen partner to produce the desired ending, but since Elvira is also in charge of solving a mystery, it seems that you have to balance your desires with determining the best means to close the case. A rather delicate line, I fear. Especially since the person you choose can end up being the criminal in question. Which begs the question: will there be bad endings availablein the game, such as one where Elvira possibly gets herself killed and the mystery remains unsolved?

That would be interesting to see.

Anyways, I'll close off my monologue with a praise over both your current and continued effort over this project. Though I personally am not aware of the full mechanics to creating a game, I am aware of the diligence required to simply write a story - especially one with multiple endings. I love the consistency I've seen and hope to be able to expect the same in the full release when it comes. Since your story and plot seem solid, I believe you should expect to see a good number of customers willing to buy your finished project. I'll certainly be making myself among that number.

P.S. - I just wanted to give extra credit for the trailer. When I watched it, I was itching to try the game before it had a chance to finish. Good job and keep up the good work.

I can see you've been working on the story since I last read it. I like the new costumes, but I hope you make sure that they're consistently shown throughout the scenes by the time you release it. However, I think I prefered the Blood God in the robe over the school uniform. I mean, he looks hot either way, but the robe just seems a little more appropriate when you first meet him. I still want to see the school uniform though - just later on in the game if he happens to come down to the human world to greet you.

Sorry if I am offending you by saying this. I still love the story and am looking forward to seeing more, but that one costume I'd prefer switched back for at least the first scene of the story. The rest are awesome as they are. Thank you for listening and good luck with everything.

It's really sad, but it's also really beautiful. I'm glad that I read it. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Whatever game you download shows up in your library. You just have to launch the game from there to play it. You can also access the game from the downloads screen when it pops up. If you just experiment a bit, it's pretty easy to get the hang of. Good luck.

That was a beautiful story. Definitely not the kind of love story I had expected when I first read the description, but this is even better. I couldn't help feeling sad at the end though. To have to leave those ties and wander a new yet familiar world again, left with only the memories of bonds to guide you... I don't think I'd ever be able to do it. I can only imagine the mental strain he'd have to endure time and time again.

Only, how do I say this? It felt like, when he left that last time, he wouldn't be burdened with the painful memories anymore. It felt like he would no longer be haunted by his past, but supported by those experiences and those memories instead. Perhaps that wasn't your intention in writing this, but I hope that it was. I hope that the wanderer you've imagined has learned to enjoy the gift he has for the opportunities it has granted to him.

Anyways, thank you for the read. It was truly an experience worth having.

When I originally began reading this story, I was slightly under the impression that it would be like those stupid romance novels where the only choice you make is for which ending of the game you'd prefer, but like you warned us, there were no choices to make. For that reason, I can't call this a game. However, for the beautiful creation that this is, I have a feeling that any other style of presentation would have ruined it.

Your imagination is truly wonderful and your dedication to this project apparent. I'm glad to have been presented with a chance to read this and even more for being able to read this to the very end. I love how you even rewarded our curiosity with those short stories Ciar supposedly wrote. Despite being separate from the main story, they somehow never seemed out of place, and I was left thinking of them just as much as the situations our characters face over time.

Though I have to admit: who was that bald guy? What was the point of him being everywhere at once? Was he just meant as comedic relief or symbolic of something deeper? Perhaps I'm just not seeing the connection, but he did make me laugh a lot. ...Still don't want to meet him in real life though. He's pretty intimidating...

Anyways, since I've stayed up too late both reading this story and writing this comment, I'm going to end my ramblings here. Thank you for the read. Loved what you had to give. Please continue to be inspired and driven to other works of literature art in the future.

Thank you for replying. After re-reading my adventure, I have confirmed the area of my confusion. You see, when Valerie stumbles upon the opportunity to speak with Luke's grandmother, she mentions that since all of her grandparents passed away before her birth, she doesn't know how to address the elderly. However, at the end of the story when she's packing her belongings for the month-long holidays, she informs us that she is going over to her grandparents' house. The reason I'm confused is that this implies at least one of her grandparents are alive when the opposite has been stated. And from reading over the version of the story I played, no other indications are provided over why she would visit a place owned by her grandparents.

It's a small detail to be sure, but one I just happened to pick up none-the-less. I don't think it has any real affect on the story itself, which is still pretty amazing.

Also, just to let you know, I've noticed a couple of minor misspellings in the text here or there. I don't think that they impede anyone's experience considering how only someone going out of their way to study the text would probably notice. Most of the time with these kinds of stories, I find that nobody really slows down long enough to notice the mistakes as they are too busy devouring the contents and impressions of the text itself. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to fix some of them. Most of it is just a single letter failing to enter a word or forgetting to add an 's' to the end of a word describing an action. I did notice a couple of places, such as when Valerie hugs Luke to console him, where the author of the text accidentally switched to a past-tense wording. Words such as "wouldn't" or "couldn't" showed up when "won't" or "can't" are more appropriate. If a reader were to notice anything out-of-place, it would probably be when Valerie and Aaron meet up in the hallway to go over the email together. Instead of writing "...and wait for him to approach me." I believe the author typed "...and wait for him to approach him." However, as I've mentioned, most readers likely wouldn't have noticed the error for longer than a second, if at all. Your story is truly beautiful and serves to engage the reader in such a manner as to distract from any flaws the story or technicalities happen to have.

For that, every single one of you who worked on the game should be proud.

P.S. - the only reason why I happen to have noticed any of the details mentioned above is because of the kind of reader I happen to be. My mind just notices the little things when it comes to text probably because I am an avid writer myself and wish to eventually serve as a professional editor for other aspiring writers possessing more talent than myself. Either way, thank you for taking time out of your day to hear my opinion and showing that you are passionate about this project both during and after its release. Your efforts really have been worth it and I hope that more people have an opportunity to witness this fruit of your labour. Please continue developing games and experiences as wonderful as this one has been.

I agree. Your story is wonderful so far and I can't wait to see more. But why does choosing to wake up the Watcher seem to have such violent options? If I were in such a situation, I'd decide to either a) tap his cheek lightly; or b) leave him alone to sleep and return to the original option of answering the door myself. Smothering him with a pillow is awful, especially when no one knows if you're a trustworthy character or not in the first place. I actually thought for a second that the pillow may have had some magical qualities to it and that doing something with the pillow would help to break the spell on Watcher or something. Or at the very least capture his interest. Either way, the story seems to be going towards a good place. Definitely makes me ask a few questions.

I really, really love this game. It's heartwarming, creative, a little painful, and hugely satisfying. Luke was truly the character I had hoped he would be. However, I am a little confused about Valerie's history. I may have misread it, so I'll reread the story before making any official claims.

Anyways, thank you for this gift. I really loved the experience it gave me.

I like where the stories are going so far. However, I have noticed a few misplaced commas (a couple extra here, one or two missing there, etc) and that "chose" should be "choose" given how your narration is written in the present tense. Do all of the "ends" have a form of redemption later on? For instance, when you're kidnapped by Asstaroth, do you have a chance to still win him over or are you just dead? That would be one really interesting version of the story to see.

Anyways, please keep doing what you're doing and please make sure to double check your spelling and grammar before publishing the full version. I've found that the reading experience is always less enjoyable the more I have to decipher the text, but you guys are off to a pretty good start.