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I like where the stories are going so far. However, I have noticed a few misplaced commas (a couple extra here, one or two missing there, etc) and that "chose" should be "choose" given how your narration is written in the present tense. Do all of the "ends" have a form of redemption later on? For instance, when you're kidnapped by Asstaroth, do you have a chance to still win him over or are you just dead? That would be one really interesting version of the story to see.

Anyways, please keep doing what you're doing and please make sure to double check your spelling and grammar before publishing the full version. I've found that the reading experience is always less enjoyable the more I have to decipher the text, but you guys are off to a pretty good start.

AH, okay, thank you for your feedback! :D
We did edit and double check the writing for the demo, but we never did any beta testing, so, in the actual game all these grammar things should definitely be caught ^w^
I think it will depend on the writer :O
I'm not in charge os Aasstaroth's route, so I don't know where that goes!
In Lucifine's route there is one moment where an answer can doom you if you don't choose an appropriate response to the follow up question P:
Thanks for giving it a try ^w^