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That was a beautiful story. Definitely not the kind of love story I had expected when I first read the description, but this is even better. I couldn't help feeling sad at the end though. To have to leave those ties and wander a new yet familiar world again, left with only the memories of bonds to guide you... I don't think I'd ever be able to do it. I can only imagine the mental strain he'd have to endure time and time again.

Only, how do I say this? It felt like, when he left that last time, he wouldn't be burdened with the painful memories anymore. It felt like he would no longer be haunted by his past, but supported by those experiences and those memories instead. Perhaps that wasn't your intention in writing this, but I hope that it was. I hope that the wanderer you've imagined has learned to enjoy the gift he has for the opportunities it has granted to him.

Anyways, thank you for the read. It was truly an experience worth having.

Thank you so much for reading it :) it truly was a labor of love from us. We'll be releasing it on Steam eventually with updated assets, so there's that! Thanks again for reading it, it means so much to us!

~Wolf, Watercress Studio Director