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According to their twitter MZ is getting an update soon which will allow for 32x32 tilesets!

Okay, it installs fine on my c:\ drive, just not my d:\ drive.  Maybe there's some hard-coded path issue? 

Hmm looks like the image didn't embed.  Trying with imgur

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I downloaded the windows 64 tiled, installed it, and tried running it from the start menu shortcut.  The program will not start.  I got this error:

You seem to have it working in a demo project based on the video - would it be easy to upload that so people can look at a working version?

nice variety of art, I recognize some of it from your oga account :)

no ring

Just so you know, a CC-BY license is irrevocable.

Just saw this updated.  What did you add?

>I don't find the free license info to be sneaky at all, I'm sorry.

Dude you have it listed as being under a creative commons license.  If that isn't the license you're using, it's pretty sneaky to misrepresent the assets as being under it.  (It's possibly also a violation of the 'creative commons' trademark.)

thanks, will do

I like the way his leg has that jerky twitch in the idle pose, looks neat.

Would it be possible for you to put the skelly under a standard license? CC-BY is the standard 'use however you want (commercially, noncommercially, whatever), but you have to credit me' license ( ), and CC0 is the 'do literally whatever you want, legally speaking I give permission for ANYTHING' license ( )

Basically I want to make sure I credit everyone and it's a lot easier to keep track when licenses are standard.

BTW would you prefer to bed credited as 'astrobob' and link back to this exact page, or is there some other page you'd like me to link to instead?

Always love more map clutter :)  keep it up!

According to the included file "

GrafxKid's publicly released pixel art assets fall under the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain License.

CC0 1.0 terms -

Which means you can do ANYTHING you want with them.  Dude is super nice about it, I really appreciate it :)

neat megaman feel to them :)

Thanks a lot.   :)

Nice little set -  I like that bowie knife and the funky glass.

Would it be possible for you to put this under a standard license? Your terms seem pretty similar to CC-BY, which is the standard 'use however you want (commercially, noncommercially, whatever), but you have to credit me' license ( ).

I'm always looking for more well-done map clutter, but with so many nice sprites it gets hard to track how to credit things that aren't standard.

The contrast looks really low on my screen - is it possible your monitor is doing something funky?  (I had that problem a few years ago working with pixel art).  I like the details on the mushrooms but I have to boost the contrast on the palette to make them pop.

If you really want to get into the weeds, typefaces are fundamentally exempt from copyright protection in the US (Eltra Corp. v. Ringer), and the only reason that font files (and the like) have any protection is that the font is considered software which requires a de minimus creative effort to implement a particular typeface.

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This is labeled as being under CC-BY 4.0.  That means you can use it in any work, for free, provided you (A) give credit to the person who made it, and (B) make sure that people who get the dog from you can exercise the same rights to use the dog freely (so your game can be paid, but if someone wants to take the dog out of your /images/ folder and use it on its own they totally can).

(There's a little more legalese which you can see in the linked license but that's the broad strokes).

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Would it be possible to sort the downloads?  The bundle downloads section is 25 pages long, and it's really hard to find things.  Ideally I think it'd be by category then alphabetically ( so all the TTRPGs in one long streak, all the game assets in another, the visual novels in another, etc.), but even a pure alphabetical sort would be nice.   As this package gets bigger, it'll get harder and harder to locate a specific pack.

you are one of the nicest artists I have seen on itch :)

This is very good!

it looks like instead of including a tileset you included a jpeg screenshot of a sample map?  Not really useful as an isometric map since it doesn't have any layer data and has jpeg artifacts

These are great!  Keep up the good work :)