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great take on turn-based game by adding stealth elements!

My only problem is the movement feels slow

visuals and music is superb! but its more of an idle game than a RTS. Still a great game nonetheless :)

great game! i feel bad shooting those cute bugs :( 

nice game but i just don't see the limitation being implemented.

relatively easy game, but cool game nonetheless :)

simple but addictive game. The only thing missing is a replay/reset button

great game! fairly balanced and i loved the music.. 

concept is interesting, and the gameplay is quite hard in a good way.

My only problem is the way the ant takes too long to turn

solid platformer, the background strains my eyes tho >_<

pretty fun concept but not really challenging

cool concept!, tho like others mentioned, after your first playthrough, the game forces a game over every retry.

i really love the uniqueness of the game!

also it is very satisfying to just watch and wait till you can consume the dumbfounded bugs XD

cool, simple game.

the swat needs to be centered at the mouse position tho.

controls are little clunky, but the the concept is cool

fun, simple but very addictive :)

cool visuals and a very oddly satisfying game

cool game, but too generic tbh. would be cool if there are enemy variety .
great job nonetheless! :)

very interesting idea! 

I like how other players can submit and be a part of the game itself. And the ui is great :)

It could be a cool game tbh. More interactions and gameplay and it can be a more enjoyable game :)

more or less 2048 but with bugs. I like it tho :)

cool game, but the text is so dark it forced me to max out my PC's brightness >_<

more of a simulation than a game tbh. But a really cool concept nonetheless

undertale right?

it would be cool if there was more to it than a 1 turn game...

very cool and creative concept! Very polished puzzle/strategy game.

gameplay is vague, but everything else looks cute and appealing

fun game and very enjoyable! it even has upgrades each death which gives more depth to the game

cool concept, but I'm not digging the controls tbh. Movement is hard to use.

ants with lasers? instant 10/10

fun concept, but it is just a normal click the enemy game. But still, a very enjoyable game :)

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pretty fun game! i like the transition fromplatformer to runner but the boss fight is hard because of the controls..

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Thanks! as for the condition of 'beating' the game, there is none (beside surviving) at the current build unfortunately because we ran out of time and don't want to submit late (we still submitted late haha) so we just rushed and finished the prototype to be at least playable.

Maybe after the jam we may try to polish and add new things to game! 

simple yet very addicting! 

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simple and short. Seems like a generic tower defense game for me. And also, it seems that the limitation is not used in this :(

but overall it has a good potential :)

does not really have a lot of gameplay to it but it still, a simple cute game

very entertaining and enjoyable! 

oddly satisfying game.

simple but enjoyable! movement feels smooth and I really enjoyed it :)

very fun game! I really like the intuitive controls and controlling locusts really is satisfying .

Appealing visuals, decent gameplay and good music. 

My only problem is  the barrier is too OP, just hold space and you become invulnerable throughout the game

The pixel art is lovely, and I really like the music. I would have preferred to see a new aspect in the gameplay or a unique mechanic but still a great game otherwise.