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this game was great!

easy 10/10, i dont really like these kinda platformer games (i dont know what theyre called) but i still enjoyed this one lol

aw thanks, i really appreciate it but i don't want to add on more burden to you, i still really appreciate it though!

says x to jump or fly- but mine doesnt do anything, not sure why.

other than that very well made game, love it

i love it, very fun

yeah i would really like fullscreen feature as well lol

I really really wish the game doesn't put you back in menu after the end, and we got a little more time to exlore that island with the horse. Other than that, it's a really good game and definetely worth playing

I replayed it, and yeah that was the issue, I finished the game now completely lol, was nice

I think I had a glitch with this game, im not sure the door

doesnt open when it should. or maybe im doing something wrong. im not sure but i hope its a glitch because i literally did everything i could

I love the graphics in this game, and the music compliments it so well. I'll be honest, I'm quite dumb and I never made it past the first level, so I would really appreciate a feature that just tells you where to go, but maybe that's just a me thing. Also, I cannot stress enough on the fact that this game is gorgeous, especially the car parking area.

btw in my vid that i linked, i didn't get past level one so don't use it as a walkthrough or anything, also if you did watch my video, please give me some criticism, im trying to make my videos better and would appreciate it lol

this was so great, i loved the graphics and the creature you play as is really adorable lol

wonderfull short little game, but its too damn hard, i wish there was a difficulty option, but its pretty fun so oh well

also, this would make a great mobile game


this is one of the most unique games i've played, the bullets coming towards you is really unique to this game. This may be asking for too much but I would love a custom level builder of some sort. Either way, this is still a great game you must try.


great game, 10/10

Honestly, there's really not much I have to say other than it's really good and you should try it out for yourself.

can't play the game because my computer too bad but i appreciate how you put requirements and how many frames you get

love it :D

great game

Your welcome! :)

This game was realllyy fun

I almost quit the game after my first time but im glad i stuck around to watch the other endings. This game really fun too.

If there's one thing I would suggest it would definetely be a full screen mode, and also what's up with the guy near the second capsule, will we get another ending with that guy??

By the way. I have to ask did you make the music yourself, it's great!


I love the graphics and the music, I really can't wait to see more

i love the graphics, and the background music is really good and the actual parkour mechanics are pretty fun as well, great job!

i made a montage/compilation of my best shots in this game, besides game really really fun, its a little hard but after about 20 minutes you should be able to at least get a few decent hoops in practice mode.  im loving it though and cant wait to see where this goes!

this game is very fun and very short as well, besides that the graphics are also really good if you turn the settings up and nothing more satisfying that getting a one shot kill in slowmo with the pistol, 100 percent worth your time, just dont break anything because this game will make you rage