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here's mine

Thanks for the constructive criticism :) and yes i will check out your game.

there is a correct way

yes all done in one week

Thanks, don't forget to rate :)

Here's mine a simple and short game with only one level for windows

Here's mine hope you have fun :)

thats exactly what i was going for except the horror part

thanks :)

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yes i didn't want to add running just because level was too short but i will definitely add one when add more things also thanks for playing the game 

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ikr its garbage but i had to add something otherwise it felt life less xD

played it before ratings started overall a solid game with a funny story line and dialogues also the environment looks dope, it make me wonder if this is a solo or group project?

Great music, great art work and overall a great game and its one of the few games that i finished because its pretty addictive!

Here's mine for windows

Here's mine have fun!

lol I was stuck on that for 2/ 3 days that's why i only have 1 level 

anywhere from 6 to 12hrs everyday and i was  stuck on lighting in unity for 2 days that's why my game only has one level :(


Love the sword attack mechanics also great pixel art and music definitely a great game

Here's mine :) let me know if anyone gets to the ending 

Here's mine :) let me know if anyone gets to the ending 

Here's mine : let me know if you get to the ending

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Thanks for playing the game, indeed music short and doesn't really fit with the game because i have zero knowledge in music so i just made some random music and slapped it loop🤷‍♂️

Thanks for playing my game and yes i know music is absolute garbage because i have zero knowledge about music and i will check your game soon👍👍

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Here's mine IT LIES :)