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Rene Schwartz

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Cool stuff. Almost got them but I need some more training. This seems to be inspired by Atari 2600 game Dragster or is that a coincidence?

Just what I needed to brighten my day! This is a gripping well executed short gaming experience that brings much needed attention to one of the most important organizations in the world. I think this is the peak of gaming as a media form! I refuse to pick the other option in the game. GJ.

Addicting puzzle game with layers of placement strategy that is fun to figure out. Good job. Turn counter could work on this game well as a way to track high score. Fun animations. Could work well on phone.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'll focus more on that in the future.

Go for the score or try to grab that PB on some point amount.  50 points is a good starter goal on max speed.
J, K, L / Joystick button 1, 2, 3:  Increase speed
R / Joystick button 0:  Restart Level
WASD / Joystick direction:  Player "character" direction.

Music: Off Limits by DL Sounds

You have one hour to kill. Lucky for you you can control time. How fast can you get to 1 hour (3600 seconds)? 

Please note that you can exit the game only(?) with alt + f4 currently.

Click:   Mouse 1, Space
Exit game:  Alt + F4