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Thanks! We would not be offended by such score, no worries. This is our first bigger jam where people rate games and leave comments and it's been a blast! Thank you for giving our game a shot and rating.

Amazing JUICY game with too many good aspects to even list here. A+

Feedback for future tweaking

  • Pressing shop button was annoying when travelling to the opposite direction and ship 
  • I didn't see the shop exit button as I'm a windows person and expected it to be on the right side and in some sort of screaming color. the cross could be for example bigger
  • I closed the shop window on my own way which was clicking outside the shop area to the game area but it didn't do anything. fret not this confusion didn't last long but maybe this could be alternative way to close it that doesn't require precise mouse movements.
  • HUD didn't show unless in full screen (UI scaling)
  •  Didn't read the manual in game and just started playing but it went fine due to the affordance and good game design. 
  • For first time user the info pentagon icon is a bit hard to acknowledge.
  • Didn't know speed boost (shift) was a thing but it was really cool
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I liked the concept and the gameplay. Gj on finishing solo. I stayed speedrunning the level but couldn't get 15 seconds left which was my goal. I'm sure you can figure out all this stuff by yourself but since you asked for feedback heres some ideas one could see themselves doing with more development time:

  • would be cool to get gold, silver, bronze medal per level according to finishing time for ending & level screen
  • perhaps timer at level start so it doesn't begin instantly,
  • tweaks to jump height & speed & areas requiring jump, jumping off level fix
  •  what if camera was closer so it's harder to see where to go & more immersive being in the fog

Edit: I also liked the main menu & itch game page. Have a good one!

Nice creative implementation of the theme for the TD genre. Objective was clear and I liked the polish on buttons, loading screens and hover tooltips even though it wasn't so necessary to read them. I was left wishing for keyboard 1-10 buttons to be able to buy the bugs with also. I think the shortish levels (level) where you just send troops tactically fit into casual game quite well and could be quite fun pastime on mobile.  Great work and I liked the shorter play experience with the inevitable dopamine hit of winning after having some doubts when my cash ran out. Lol, I was also gonna say that art was good but then I remembered that I didn't have to encourage your artist(s) since we used Kenney's art. I guess this goes to say that you made  the art style your own. 

I was spooked, I was impressed, I was immersed, I was exploring like no tomorrow, I was running until my finger hurt not to get atomized, I chuckled, I thought what the heck am I even playing AAA games for, I fell down the map, I won. Wow. Great experience and the theme was really present here and I applaud at what you had time to achieve here. 

The shadow was present at maany points in the game and increased tension, well made. First time I was like let's get to know this thing and what do you know there was some particle effects on the screen for that quick branch of the story.

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Nice acronym there :P didn't know it beforehand. I agree the left movement was a bit of a gotcha thing especially for the hidden item on the very left. In the end we tried to resort to subliminal messages to do that tutorial part (placement of the sun after moving to toothbrush etc). :D turns out our mind control ability might have been insufficient. It was also brutal that game completion required all 8 of 10 items without showing any UI for found items e.g.  2/8 or item locator UI next to ship.

Our shortcoming was to provide secondary challenging game mechanic like you said. Stealth would have been amazing. We focused on finishing this time since it's devastating not to finish and some parts of crafting a good gaem were left out. The game design portion is very important. The items being in more believable setting would have been super cool (and making sure they pop out from their surrounding). Great idea.

If we have bigger team next jam we'll definitely try to improve on these kind of things. Originally we made the game for phones. That control scheme took about 1-2 hours of dev time. 

I'll remember to pat Neo on the head on the descriptions once again. And thank you for this detailed report!! Very helpful.

Relaxing polished game. ^^

Very good and addicting exploration puzzle game I got to say! Minimal in a classy good way. Got to 408 coins before camera control caused a misclick.  If I had to figure out something else that is useful to say I would perhaps have liked to see the camera control areas and get a notification when my party was on their last food and maybe clicking while camera travels shouldn't be legal move. I really liked the game.

Thanks! I love constructive feedback.

Woo! Thanks!

Many thanks!

Thanks. That's the veggie-meat of our game. There's 10 item comments and 1 additional dialogue line when everything is collected.

Yes haha. Neo did great work on those. I see what you mean. Thanks for your comment!

Thank you! 

Lol! It's a plug and play interface after all!

Hard first, but when you get to know what to do, it's really fun to play.

Looks and feels polished!

Doesn't open, but game image was inviting!

Cool stuff. Almost got them but I need some more training. This seems to be inspired by Atari 2600 game Dragster or is that a coincidence?

Just what I needed to brighten my day! This is a gripping well executed short gaming experience that brings much needed attention to one of the most important organizations in the world. I think this is the peak of gaming as a media form! I refuse to pick the other option in the game. GJ.

Addicting puzzle game with layers of placement strategy that is fun to figure out. Good job. Turn counter could work on this game well as a way to track high score. Fun animations. Could work well on phone.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'll focus more on that in the future.

Go for the score or try to grab that PB on some point amount.  50 points is a good starter goal on max speed.
J, K, L / Joystick button 1, 2, 3:  Increase speed
R / Joystick button 0:  Restart Level
WASD / Joystick direction:  Player "character" direction.

Music: Off Limits by DL Sounds

You have one hour to kill. Lucky for you you can control time. How fast can you get to 1 hour (3600 seconds)? 

Please note that you can exit the game only(?) with alt + f4 currently.

Click:   Mouse 1, Space
Exit game:  Alt + F4