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That's the one:

PS: Don't forget to play with your headset on :) and if it's too small try to zoom in : Ctrl + 

Was disappointed about the ending... was expecting some monster to pop out like the prank one... tsssk tsk tsk

So nostalgic, love it <3

Very consistent styling, good job!

Really nicely done. Love the mixed types in 1. Did you do this all by your own?

Hey Sid, currently it's an Android game app. I'll try to see if I can compile differently for you to try. Will keep you posted!

Thanks for the comment.

If this isn't the final product what is? I love the mood, you really nailed it. Is it a 3d with 2d elements? Or a full 2dscene? GG

Haha love the concept. Btw, if you kick a dog without anyone looking you should go to HELL! otherwise cool concept! Are you thinking of putting fake ccharacters? This can trick the player.

No worries man. Let me know when you have an update!

ah cool idea, love the pixel art for this kind of game!

Fun concept, and nice 3d style for this game. With the buildings getting crushed by the wave.

5700 score :D Fun game man! Music is hyping me up

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  •  Hold tap to move
  •  STOP to shoot
  •  Reach the bunker without dying

We're 2 regular guys who love to make mobile games for Android. We made this little game prototype, it's a quick level and is still in early development. A lot of things aren't yet polished.

But before we invest more time building it, we wanted to see if it has potential. Can you guys help us validate? Click the link below to get the game on your mobile.

  1. What did you like, and what didn't you like?
  2. Was it easy to understand the game mechanics?
  3. What can be improved?
  4. How do you see the game evolve further in the game? 
  5. But most importantly, did you have fun? :)


Life as we know it on our dear blue planet is dead. we polluted too much and contaminated everything. Now all is lost and mankind has taken to live in space. All has been lost for ages for the planet and not a single soul has resided there since then. Today an exploration party has been sent to see what is left of the planet and determine if we can live there again. You are a young marine and have been chosen to go there to see what is up with the world. Fight whatever new horrors have spawn from these ages of polluted wasteland and see if we can find a place that is viable. And if you fail that's ok, we'll just send someone else a little later. After all, you are disposable.

love the respond :D

Very consistent with all the art style.

This remind me of the click click game :D

Not sure if it's a bug, but after 16gifts or so, I wasn't finding anything in my gifts. Is this normal?

Hey man, do you have a link to the app store? having difficulties opeinng it.

Super hard at the beginning, but eventually the more you play the better you know where the friendly guys are.

Very fun experience, love how it evolves to chaos!

Fun idea man!

Hey man, thanks for the follow. Hope you tried my game, can you share your thoughts please :)

I downloaded your game but at the end of the setup it gave me an error:

Let me know if I can help.

Pretty original!

Saving planet blue