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Wow, looks great! It is giving me Subnautica vibes for some reason.

I think you can just buy it anyway e.g.

Got this game as part of the bundle for Ukraine. Ran into the exact same issue, I get "success" but no level unlocks.

The game seems fund but is completely broken at the moment.

One thing that isn't clear to me is the distinction between ship and bank. From the manual, it seems that money in the ship isn't lost when I Eject.

But isn't it easy to ALWAYS put all my money in the bank? Are there any drawbacks for this?

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Oh that's fun! It might be more tactical if you couldn't move and had to make the decision to shoot a firefly which is going in a direction that will not block you. Or maybe have collision so you have to navigate around other fireflies?

Anyway I got 36.

The Godot Wild Jam overlaps with your "festival" and ends right as your jam starts:
Perhaps it would have been best to coordinate to only have one jam, or showcase the already-existing event instead of launching another Godot-only jam? People are unlikely to start a game jam immediately after finishing another.

Ludum Dare 48 link:

I had the same problem. I wasn't sure why I could sometime walk on the bottom of the screen, but it turns out there were words outside the frame. Maybe a "fullscreen" button would help?

Thanks for the heads up! I can't believe you remembered to tell me, that's some impressive task management right there!

I will check out the recent developments!

I don't know how to deal with the red repair signs. Pressing X doesn't seem to do anything?

This is a lot of fun, can't wait to see what it turns into! The 'memory' component of this is very inspired, even though it creates this situation where you should never draw from the second row, which should probably be signified to the player.

Ran into some bugs, notably once I kept going past 3 relic pieces (actually got a 4th one which did nothing).

I see! Probably adding some indicator that the key have been grabbed would be enough, I think I would have understood to go back. I guess I just didn't notice the key.

Thanks! The game was very fun!

It's cool! However I reached looped 23 and then every loop is the same (no more enemies spawn). Did I miss the key somewhere?

Hi RaptorBot, this is a local multiplayer game, so you need multiple people to join locally. For example press "S" and "End", one boat will be controlled with WAD (SQE to shoot) and one with the arrows (Del/PageDown/End to shoot).

Or you can use controllers (or someone on keyboard and someone on controller, etc).

Is there a way to get to collections from a user's profile? Is the only way to subscribe to the user and find updates?

I feel like a link to the collections (with a count) at the top of their profile would be good next to "posts" and "followers". Similarly to how you can get collections a game is in.

It works great! It doesn't say that R resets anywhere though, you might want to put that on the game over screen :)


Hey there! I'm building a collection of open 3D godot game. You marked this game as "zlib license" however there is no source code attached, I'm just letting you know in case that's a mistake.

The game is very cute. I liked the music and the fact that the  little monsters carry the trash away, nice use of navigation.

Doesn't seem to work on Linux (continuously moves backwards).

Works on my Windows though! It seems I got the "drop 5 eggs" achievement while driving around, after having dropped a single egg.

Really cute and immersive game! It was a lot of fun.

Nice concept :)