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Thank you very much for your feedback~

You are right, the game does start off too difficult. I didn't really see that, when I designed the level.

Originally, I planned to include multiple levels, but to be honest, the start would not have turned out much better :') 

For the future, I'll try to imply the intended path, to play a level, by hiding non-relevant elements behind fake walls and reveal them first, when the player beat the level once. Then said additional elements can be used to optimize one's score and to gather stars, which perhaps can be used to unlock bonus levels.

On top of that, I'll try to make the levels shorter, so it's less tedious to go back and try them again. 

That's round about the vision I have for the after jam version of this game. 

Thank you for playing! 

Thank you, for your feedback!

I'm sorry, that the game already started off so complex. In general, my goal was to design a level of low difficulty that still offers enough complexity and options, so the player could improve their remaining time unit score over and over again. And that in a strategic way, as you already said. But those two premises did kind of clash in the end, heh.

Most of my playtesters were overwhelmed aswell, but I didn't really manage to fix the problem in time anymore. For the future whatsoever, I will design my levels more carefully! 

Somebody else complained about the grabing controls aswell. I'll definitely refine them or atleast offer an option to switch them in the future!

I'm very glad you liked my game! I definitely put a lot of heart and sweat into it ~
And congrats on beating it :)

I'm really happy to read such nice comments :)

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for the kind feedback!
I'm glad you had a good time with my game~

This game really scared me at first hahahaha
The first switch to the dark side of the world really got me. I like that idea a lot whatsoever! It builds a super interesting atmosphere.

The art was cute. What especially caught my eyes were the few animations. I really love the walk cycle of the hostile rats! Super well done ~

The music was sick too. I especially enjoyed the dark sides track!

I think the concept of trading cheese for time is cute, but it didn't really feel balanced well. In my second try I neglected every piece of cheese that was not on my way and I also only traded if I occasionally happened to cross a rat. And with that strategy, I already beat the game. So said mechanic didn't really feel like it was any relevant in the first place. Quick suggestion:

  • Start the game with less time
  • Make the cheese worth more
  • Add some additional layer of complexity, so the player has to think about whether a piece of cheese or a trade is really worth it

The controls felt a little unprecise, but I got used to them relatively quickly.

Overall, a strong submission. Keep up the good work! :muscle:

Thank you very much for the kind feedback <3

You are right, there are different ways of playing the level. Just yesterday, friends showed me an alternative to what I thought, was the optimal path, which worked totally different!!

I'll at the very least work on a second level, since I already implemented a few more mechanics and elements that didn't make it into this version of the game.

I can inform you, once there is an update~

I see, thank you for your response!

I don't own a mac myself, so I can't really test, if that could be related to the issue. Since you are specifically stating, that it doesn't run on Firefox, does that mean that other browsers do work for you?

That's unfortunate to hear.

May I ask you, what system and browser you are running the game on?

Thank you for testing!

You do have a very legitimate point there, it definitely IS overwhelming! Almost every playtester said it is heh. But I didn't really have the time and resources to adjust the level in a way, in which the direct path to the goal was more obvious, while still keeping the wide palette of alternative paths. I'll definitely rethink my level design scheme for the future!

Thank you for playing and for your feedback ~

The game does work for me on Firefox.

Do you receive some kind of error message? How exactly does the game fail to run for you?

Thank you for testing!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

The grabbing mechanic and corresponding controls are heavily inspired by Super Mario World. I didn't really think about making the hold switchable, but I can add a setting for that. I appreciate the idea!

It's unfortunate that the level appeared to be too long for you. It's actually fairly straight forward and simple, but I suppose you where put off by the many keys and elements in general. You don't actually need to use all of them to beat the level. You only need them to optimize your final score. In the future, I'll try to rethink my level design philosophy for the future and make alternative paths more subtle.

In any case, thank you for playing!

I'm glad you liked it <3

Hey o/ Discord says, that your settings don't accept external friend requests. So you either have to change that (I think you can change it under Settings>User Settings>Friend Requests) or you have to add me somehow. Well make it work somehow :)

Hey! I'd offer my services as an anime style artist. I don't actually consider my art to be bad, but I think this jam is a create opportunity to focus on quantity instead of quality. My discord tag is Mono#7785 (consider that discord tags are case sentitive)

I'm stuck in my room. It's sunday (for some reason, I think I slept through the entirety of saturday) and I don't want to go to sleep, school nor do I want to study. Is this the end? I wish I would have accomplished more in my school life. I didn't even manage to taekwondo any bullies and protect Lillianana.

The game's a little rushed, but it was enjoyable

Same omg

Thank you so much for the nice feedback! I'm so glad to hear, that you even want to come back to it!

Thank you so much for all the kind words! A friend of mine also said that the game would make good on mobile, so I'll definitely consider it

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Thank you so much!

The direction you shoot in doesn't matter. I'm sorry if I didn't convey that well. I decided against an up and down sprite for the player to save time, but maybe that hasn't been a good decision. If the ghost you try to shoot is to the left or right of your position, your character does even automatically look into the correct direction, when shooting (Though there is a little bug which messes that up sometimes. Sometimes the character looks in the exactly wrong direction when shooting xd But that doesn't matter for the gameplay, the ghost will die nontheless)
Only thing that matters it that you load your shotgun before you step on a tile that will trigger a ghost.

I can see why the black screen after dying may be a bit too long. I felt like it had a good length to fit the atmosphere, but maybe I'll feel different about that in a month, haha
I'm glad you liked the tombstone scene after dying though. I added it, so the player still has the opportunity to check, why they were attacked by a ghost after all. (You can still hover the signs there)

Aside from that, thank you for all the positive feedback! I appreciate it a lot!

Yeah, it's endless. The main goal is just to get as many points as possible, so it's very arcady in that regard xD

I'm very happy to hear, that you gave it a second try! Thank you so much for playing <3

The most polished game I've played so far

I'm so glad you liked it! I definitely did put some effort into the art. I should have used some of that time to refine the tutorial instead xd I made it last minute pretty much, but I'm happy to hear that the overall vibe of the game was enough for you to take your time and reread the tutorial ^^

Definitely one of the top contenders. The art is pleasing, the movement smooth as hell and I really love that you can kill enemies by touching them with high enough velocity. Very unusual but extremely fun! You had the opportunity and you totally went for it.

Very good job!

The game's fun!
I especially like your design decision of letting the ghosts drop their exp. Like that it's quite the challenge to manage dodging them as well as collecting the points at the same time.
Though, at some point I found myself barely being able to, since the ghosts do grow in size over time. Maybe I should have skilled more on speed!

The presentation is rather weak, but that's probably due to missing time. The character on the thumbnail/in the menu looks sick though!

Replayability is given too. Definitely a good game.

Building a holy shotgun to eliminate local ghosts is quite the creative use of the limitation xD Not bad!
Here a little review:

The game itself is very simple. At first I thought it'd be a little boring, that the only task is to kill the same enemies over and over again. However, you pretty much saved that, since it's a short game and you could play the last section with a new weapon. Having a little less enemies and a simple switch puzzle within each area or something like that would have made the game feel more dynamic though.
Besides that, the only critique I have regarding the gameplay is, that the player moves a little too fast. Like that it's very difficult to aim accurately (and to not accidentally walk into enemies)

The games auditory aspect hasn't really been its strong point. The music loop became quite annoying very quickly. 

On The visual side however I can say that the animations were very charming! Good job there.

I also liked the few dialogues, as they were written charmingly as well

I'm glad you liked the game :) You are right, in the end I went for an a little horror-ish tone while it's still just an arcade game. It just fits weirdly well in my opinion, but it's probably not for everyone xD

No, there are no random ghosts. That's also why I implemented that tombstone screen after each death. So you can check, why the ghost that killed you has been, where it was. (You can still hover the runes with your mouse there to check) 

And so far my algorithm appeared to work accurately, so there are always exactly two runes marking the tile where a ghost appeared :thumbs_up: So no luck included. 

I'm super glad you liked the game! Thank you for playing~

Possible. From a technical perspective it's not the ghosts which spawn at specific tiles but the symbols (and corners) that are randomized and dictate, where the ghosts are. So it's possible that those components just don't end up in a way, a ghost is present. Especially in the beginning, only few symbols spawn and therefore it does happen from time to time, that an empty room is reached. Having 5 empty rooms right after each other is very unlikely though. 

Whatsoever, thank you for testing my game~

Thank you very much! I already have some plans for additional content too. But I didn't start working on it yet

Wave 123 btw

Alright, wave 109 new record

I haven't played many tower defense games, but this definitely is one of the better ones I've played. I invested around 4 hours of playtime and had a lot of fun. Wave 65 is the highest I reached. 

I think the Upgrade Roll mechanic is super lovely and does most of the magic. You just really want to exhaust any potential for extremes, by finding strong upgrade combinations.

Very good game!

Thank you very much! I'll probably add more content some time

I provisionally made a very basic server. There will probably not join many people, so I assume this is fine:

Did you make a server? I can make one too in case you don't want to.

There does not happen to be a discord server dedicated to this game jam? I'm not sure yet, if I'll have the time to participate, but I'd like to connect with other developers interested in rpg maker horror games.

This game did confuse me a lot. Not because I didn't understand how it works, but because every level was so much easier than it appeared at first sight. LOL

Definitely very sympathetic!