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Hello! Can you join the official discord? There we can share screenshots and get a better understanding of the situation!

There are plans to add more platforms to the program!

Currently I am still evaluating which platforms to focus on, but most likely there will be a better youtube-integration soon (fingers crossed)

Kick-Integration is currently still in discussion

Hey! It depends on what 3D-modelling software you use!

If you use blender, you can pack the textures directly into the fbx-file!

On the official discord are more details in the FAQ section!

Hey, could you join the official discord and open a Support-Ticket?

We can help you out for those issues!

v1.0.9 is pretty old at this point and you might have to update

hello, the sound should usually go into your default audio device, check if that is set to the correct device. If you still have issues, add me on discord Remasuri3#9696

if you still have this problem, try contacting me on discord Remasuri3#9696

you do not need vts, for throwing, but your "model" will only react by using VTS with a live2D model

have you accidentally banned remasuri_bot?

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youtube is supported through streamlabs, otherwise it currently does not support other platforms

Sadly with VSeeFace API it doesn't give me information about where the model is, so this is an API limitation

Are you using the experimental version? I think there was a bug in the current stable version regarding GIFs

Can you try changing the VTS-IP in the connections-menu to ?

The audio system has been reworked since the making of the tutorial!
Check the new Event-Manager of the items. There in the "On hit"-Event should be a SFX-Action where you can select the sound-effects and then right click to enable the selected effects

pls dm me on discord: Remasuri3#9696

I am not responsible for payments, but I can help you out

can you join the official discord? we can work on fixing the audio issues

do you know if your nvidia driver recently updated?

I also have a habit of sleeping daily

I am trying to figure out the problem and is not my main platform ^^' I am more active on discord.
And if you read my message I am asking you to clarify the issue since it has not been made completely clear. The Version is also important for troubleshooting.

This is why the new launcher is here to automatically update for you

this happens in both versions?

I will check for a fix, this is the first time I heard about this issue

can you clarify a bit further? ^^' I don't completely understand the issue.

Which version are you using?

Check if you can download the New Launcher using your original purchase-email!

you can also use "recover my purchase" on support page!

No! The download should be available in your original purchase-email! I will never charge someone twice!

Can you tell me which version you are using? ^^ I can help with this issue!

Yes, it is now part of the Event-Manager! Just add an Object-Action to the "On Hit"-Event and set it to "stick"

New beta has youtube-support! ^^

 Could you join the official TITS discord? There it is easier to help with fixing this issue!

it might be an issue with the imported objects and using too mich RAM. Could you join the official discord and open a new support-ticket? ^^

Contact me on discord! Remasuri3#9696

I can help with this

Could you join the official TITS discord and submit a support-ticket? ^^' This way it is easier for us to help out!

that is already integrated ^^ In the event-manager just add a Object-Action to "On Hit" ^^

when you open TITS, go into Settings -> Open Log-Folder. In that folder, check if there is a "Objects_folder" folder and if there are folders inside. I am guessing that there is a corruption issue or something?

this is very weird. Did you switch PCs or anything? Did you try launching as administrator? Did your triggers also disappear or only your objects? Are you using experimental?

after selecting the sound did you right click the area and select "Enable selected"?

did you perhaps copy & paste the sound effect action? There was a bug at some point which would not properly copy it and instead only copy a ference to the sound effects, which of course is not intended. I believe it might be fixed in the new version or will be fixed in the upcoming version (that I have been working on). If you enable multiple sound effects in a single SFX-Action TITS will select a sound effect at random

check oyur original purchase-email or go to and type in your e-mail with which you purchased the program, this way you should recover your purchase and be able to download all new files

check and see if you can type in your e-mail and recover your purchase? Sadly I cannot do much in this case since hte distribution is handled by

No, you can either check your original purchase e-mail or you can go to and put your e-mail into "recover purchase"!

Right-click the white area in the model importer. It will give you the option to import a number of different objects

I do not know, I will have to check if they offer a way to connect with their program to send data