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Ben "Bee" Scerri, Red World Press

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Made some more

Decided to make some Goblin cards, not knowing there was already a bunch here! The synergies!!!

Thank you for the thoughts! I have added a content warning to the beginning of the Itch page around death being a major theme, because aye, that is not something I want people to play out without being forewarned. The beginning of the game makes that very clear, but the Itch page could have been more specific.

Ah, no worries:

Things are going smoothly. I've figured out a system for the script: it's logographic on the roots, with diacritics for the vowel harmony, and modifiers for the vowel pattern.

I've taken a lot of inspiration from Maltese cave art and Sinhalese, which shares a lot of the same spirals and designs (though this is entirely coincidence).

I'm currently working on a Maltese-inspired lang called Efahe Ċa-Bji, which I've got a short grammar for, a phonology, and a few test translations. Here's a real quick example:

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." over.ADV quick.CONJ.brown.ADJ lazy.ADJ

Auġanu-igz ġena-oqp o-ukár użan’otk-olf ubáj omħa-olf.

/ˈɒ.d͜ʒɐ.nu.ɪgz ˈd͜ʒɛ.na.ɔʰp ɔ̆ʰ.ˈʊ.kɐ̌ɾ ˈʊt͜s.ɐn.ɔtk.ɔɬ ʊ.ˈbɐ̌j ˈɔm.ħɐ.ɔɬ/

Still working on what a script would look like (but have thoughts on that one, so watch this space), but I'm reasonably happy with the Romanisation as it stands.

This is a beautiful script! Very excited to see where it goes!

I'm jumping in a little late, but by pure coincidence, I started a short conlang sketch a few days ago, and might just expand on that, as it fits the criteria.

Also, hey folks! I'm Ben Scerri (@Ben_Scerri on Twitter), a Maltese Australian game designer. I've been conlanging on and off for about 15 years now, but tend to only go so far with any one language before I move on to try something else. I'm currently travelling (in Malta for the first time, and loving it), so am really inspired to keep going with my lang.

Lovely to meet you all, and excited to read/hear your works!

Played it, loved it, want more (of it).

Thank you for creating and sharing this!