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Hey thank you for playing and thank you for the feedback.

Fun game. Good job.

Unfortunately, this game failed to run.

Hey thank you for checking it out. I must have burned 5 hours on that stupid wall climbing. I want to make it tricky without being too easy and I never got that sweet spot. Thanks for the feedback.

Ha. Fun game. Thanks for including the emulator. Dang, an actual NES game. Nice. 

Fun game. Good job.

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Well that's embarrassing. I uploaded a new file. This time I exported the game as .exe and then zipped that as opposed to asking the game engine to do it for me. Sorry :(

Aww bummer I'm doing vector art for this project. If you find another game jam you like send me a message, I'll do your programming.

Hey, I have a working prototype here. Are there any artists out there interested in getting involved? I've made all the art, including the tileset, but I think it could benefit from a professional, or motivated amateur.

Hey! Still looking for a teammate? I have a working prototype if this looks like something you'd be interested in. Good luck.

Fun game. I like the music. Clever mechanic using the engines as both thrust and a weapon, I could see more of this.

Ha, sorry about that! I'm glad you had fun. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to go check out your game now.

I got through a few levels. You put a lot of thought into this. I like your use of real world mechanics.

Pretty fun. Good job.