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Well that's embarrassing. I uploaded a new file. This time I exported the game as .exe and then zipped that as opposed to asking the game engine to do it for me. Sorry :(


Cool. I like that you added voice-overs. Good variety of weapons with different effects.   

Some well-intentioned and constructive criticisms: The voice-overs overlap if the player progresses faster than you intended. The main and in-game menus use a mouse, but the game is played with a gamepad. I skipped all of the enemies and went straight into the reactor and blew it up. I did escape from the moon, but I got blown up anyway when the timer ran out. Also, if you go around the back of the moon (skipping the front entrance), your ship can move behind the moon but you won't see your ship.

Overall, a good attempt for a game jam. I think it still has some loose ends to tie up! Best of luck! 

P.S. We're looking for more feedback on our game submission. Please consider trying out our game. Thanks!