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I wanna update my revenue share to donate all at this event. But when will this event start and end exactly? 24 hours in UTC+00:00 or UTC-05:00?

Thank you for your reply. :)

I updated my game and I wrote its devlog.

But my game is not a fresh game yet.

How can I make my game "fresh"?

Oh, my mistake. There is Press access page.

But I didn't check it.

Thank you!

Yes, I installed it from the app to test it! But it was only once. So I wrote this post.

And I didn't downloaded it for free while the page was restricted or in draft.

I think that I installed it only once, but the app requested it 5 times.

This is a possible theory that can explain both of my memory and the logs.

Thank you for checking the logs for me.

I looked for the option which you mentioned. But I still don't know where it is.

Anyway, thank you for your reply.

Yeah, maybe.

I think that I have to watch the analytics page a few more days.

Anyway, thank you for your reply!

So you meant "Payout mode," right?

I chose "Collected by, paid later."

Thank you for your reply!

Do you mean my pricing policy?

I checked "Paid" and set the minimum price $4.99.

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I've just released my game and checked my Analytics page.

No Gross Revenue, but 5 Downloads.

Is it normal or do I have to do something in my dashboard page?

I'm worrying that I missed something.

Thank you!