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Thanks for the quick response!  Yeah, I'm pulling you up on Discord now.  Do you just want the main file, or do you also need the "persistent" file as well?

So I just had a cutscene trigger where Bianca was feeling a little jealous of Aurora being the new cow in town.  However, I haven't even gotten Aurora on the farm yet, so it looks like it's possible to get the scene a little "out of order".

Also, how do I get Aurora on the farm for milking?  Hints and Quests just says it's time to turn her into a cow, but I don't get any dialogue options with her.

I'm fairly certain Discord doesn't show your friends what server you are in UNLESS you're both in the same server.  And then hey, you've got something else in common to talk about!

But onto your question.  Back on 1/9/23, they ESTIMATED it could be "3 to 6 months I suppose?", so there is no real solid ETA.

Another thing to be aware.  The models are being replaced.  We're losing the cute cartoony models for more high-fidelity, realistic ones.  Slim bodies, busty chests, faces are closer to the animals the suits are based on.  This caused quite a ruckus in the server, as you could imagine.  While I'm not a fan of the new models, I'm withholding judgment until I see what those models can do.

The Discord population was given a few options for how updates will be dished out.  Popular vote was "keep us updated with SS and videos both public and patreon, but get playable demos around 50%-60% completion.  Ports may be available."  Then as we approach the finish line, there will be several large updates to finish the game and push it to steam/itch.

So in conclusion, if you want to keep up, you'll likely have to join the Discord server.

I think Shadow Bonfies show up when your sanity is low.  Haven't played a whole lot yet, but the two times I've seen it happen, my Sanity happened to be low.

There's a map posted in the comments section, roughly 18 days ago.  The three generators are marked on the map.

Just in case you can't find it, there's one generator on each of the three "sides" of the complex. 

North, the generator switch is right outside the bathrooms.

South West, the switch is on the far wall in the stage room.

South East, the switch is passed Fexa's room, in the supply closet(?).

Those are the three locations you have to keep checking to make sure the switches are in the correct position.  Keep your own power charged by heading into the bathrooms and charging there.  Keep your sanity high by spending some time in your office.  Hope this helps!

The version on the title screen says 0.3, but you should still be able to play Night 4.  Devs just forgot to change 0.3 to 0.4 in the game.

Easy and Normal difficulties are both, well...easy.

The difficulty definitely comes from lack of information given to the player.  Ideally, this gets fixed during Story mode, where we are slowly introduced to objectives over time and given express instructions on where to go and what to grab.

But as you've already said, there are videos on youtube regarding this for Arcade mode.  As long as you know how to actually complete objectives, Easy and Normal Arcade should be pretty easy.   You can generally do two objectives at a time on Easy (you can reset Chiku's timer from the computer room on Easy).

Normal, you should definitely only do one objective at a time, run back and reset the girls between each (must go to the Kitchen on Normal or Hard for Chiku).  You can probably get away with two if you purchased a helper and use it to make a distraction.  While I haven't done extensive testing, I feel like when the power goes out, it slows down the girls' countdown a bit.  I need to test that some more.

Hard, I wouldn't even go near, though.  Definitely requires knowledge and proper movement, along with helpers, to fully complete.  Not really worth doing except for your own satisfaction.  Or do what Jermain said and just get easy money to buy yourself some boosts if you're still struggling with lower difficulties.

This all being said...really wish the dang auto-run wouldn't get stuck.  That's my main complaint lol.

Scroll down through the comments history.  There's a rough map posted that shows all of the possible locations.

Spending time in the office brings it back up.

Cool.  Definitely going to check that out.  I fear the rest of their path may work similarly, definitely don't want to be stumbling blindly through choices anymore, lol.  Thank you.

Just before I was about to post regarding the Riley/Hiley event, I JUST NOW figured out the correct combination of choices in their route to get the best ending for the club event.  So for anyone struggling with this, yes, there is a specific combination of choices you have to make.  No there are not hints as to which combination you need.

I feel like if their path ever gets reworked, the correct choices should be made much more clear.  I literally had to create a save at the first choice of their path and just try all of the different combinations until I got it.  There was no "right" answer.  Making the 'correct' choice 'murky' is one thing, but when it's literal guesswork forcing you to reload whenever you get the combination wrong, that's just tedious.  Perhaps this was just a limitation of them all being a part of a single route?

That being said, great game so far.  Played/finished Part 1 last night and beat it in two cycles.  Keep up the great work!

Hey everyone, just looking for confirmation that I understand this correctly.  I accepted the request to hunt down some hooligans.  From my understanding, my 'targets' I need to fight will be favorited automatically (yes, I chose that option).

However, I have no way of actually knowing WHERE those targets are, correct?  I have to wander around all day and just hope I stumble across one?

Define "missing"?  She's at the bar Mornings and Noons.  No dialogue options (other than "Back").  No events triggering.  If an Isabel even is a pre-requisite for Neon like Senpai says, then I'm guessing I never got the Isabel event.

If you're in the same boat as me, you have to "unlock" the jobs under Perks (even if you can already do them in the game).  That was the piece of the puzzle I was missing until just now.  Couldn't figure out how to help a certain secondary character pay back her debt until I went into that menu, lol.

I'm stuck in the same situation.  Been going to the pub for a week straight, all times of day.  No events triggering.

I've been keeping an eye on Melting Point for a while.  Excited to hear you managed to get "the band" back together.  I wish you all the best for Project Droidshop, and here's to hoping Melting Point springs back to life as well somewhere down the road!

Big oof.  Still, I'm glad the the project hasn't been abandoned!  I'll continue to keep an eye on this, as I have been before.

That took care of it.  Thanks!

I'm also unable to get Taile to make the bed.  I have the spine, and more than enough coins.  Tried visiting her at all hours of the day, never saw the prompt.

I'm going to keep this cryptic to avoid spoilers for other people.

So, the answer you seek is found in another one of the Happy Scenes.  You have to listen for it.  Once you find "the answer" you enter it into the terminal when it asks for your username.  It has to be all capital letters, too.

Now you've got an italicized hint, places to look, and it's something you're listening for.  Good luck!

Yeah, it's a Happy Event that's not listed on the wiki, and I just missed it too.  Even though I knew what to enter to get it from reading the comments here.  There was no hint as to when I had to enter it, so I have a moderate excuse lol.

If you're like me and have no previous saves near that point, you can still SEE the Happy Event on your current save.

Go to the main events page and select the second to the last event.  It lets you go through the entire sequence again.  Sadly the Happy Event will still be marked as "missed" in your save, but as long as it's not a pre-requisite down the line, you can at least still see it on your current playthrough.