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Thank you! <3 

@PseudoGrimm, thank you so, so much! We're working on the visual side of the prototype, which we will show you soon!

Thank you very, very much for sharing <3 we are already watching your gameplay!

@MikeyBlighe, thank you for for feedback! <3 We are happy to hear, that you like our prototype! We are still working on that piece & hope that we will soon show you an improved version of Nor'easter :)

On which system you were trying to play Nor'easter? We naturally want to work on this issues.

OMG, we are shocked! You are first person who reports this kind of problem. Thank you, we will take care of that! 

Have you tried to start the game again?

Hey! Thank you very much for sharing <3! You made us very happy today :)


We want to tell you that we have just uploaded an update to our Windows game and added a MacOs version!

>Haven't you heard about Nor'easter? So sit comfy and we'll tell you about our game!

Nor’easter is a beautifully drawn, well-written point-and-click adventure game, inspired by both the classics of the genre, was well as the modern titles. Full of both humour and a fair doze of otherworldliness and creepiness, it’s bound to provide hours of entertainment, while its multi-layered plot and intriguing, unique setting will leave the player thinking about the game and its world for days on end.

Download&play from here -->

Watch teaser:

We hope you will have fun & we'll be grateful for the feedbck!

Problem is solved, we just updated version for Windows :)

Aaaa, thank you very much! Can we stay in touch? We will be happy to send you updates of our activities related to Nor'easter! 

Thank you very much for opinion and gameplay! Feedback is very important for us and we are glad to hear that you liked it :) 

Hey, thanks fot the notice! We are already working on this -- in few days we will update this and we will also include the prototype for MacOS. How did you like Nor'easter? :)

Thank you so much! What did you like the most in the game? :)

We're glad that you like our prototype :) ! Thank you for your feedback,  we are making a list of game comments that we will implement of course. Maybe now you know, what was missing in the game? 

Thank you for feedback! :)

Thank you very much! <3 

Thank you for comment :) You have our attention, we will contact you soon!

Thank you very much! :)