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Hey, thanks fot the notice! We are already working on this -- in few days we will update this and we will also include the prototype for MacOS. How did you like Nor'easter? :)

Yeah, I like the game and especially the atmosphere. It was pretty well done but the game was rather short. I'd look forward to more levels like the game hinted at though.

I ended up playing through three times. The first time I glitched out holding the jar as I was staring through the telescope to see the moon, as it left me with no way to back out . The arrows on the sides just disappeared. The second time I encountered a glitch on the bug puzzle, with the bugs crawling up and down the plant stems. Two bugs somehow stacked right on top of each other, making the puzzle impossible to complete. Maybe some collision detection is missing, or at least a way to force a restart on the puzzle when it has not been completed might be added?

Anyway I did enjoy it, and hope to see a later version or another game of yours gracing the front page soon!