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can i still submit if my game is not playable in browser?

Hey! Just wanted to say that your completely right. I don’t remember what my thought processes was in duplicating the same level over and over. I also apologize for making the jump so short. The thing is, I was tired when I started, and while coding movement, I realized I put it in the create event rather than the step event, and I copy pasted the code into the step event, and somehow managed to copy paste it 3 times, multiplying gravity by 3.

my game exists

hi i exist plz pleh gem


enjoyed it! it was definitively problematic at times, but i'd say at lowest i rated anything was 3. keep up the good work. also this is a very important link and im definitely not trying to get you to play my jam game.  

hey! if someone could play my game and give it a honest rating, that would be great, it's only about 5 mins long, and if you give me a comment ill make sure to rate your's as well.

i do! me! me!

hi! my game is


Yeah, I’ll probably hop back in and play it again to get the ending.

i will say that this game terrified me. not sure if that was the approach you where going for or not, but i do know that every time you walk through a door, into darkness, you mouse disappears,   and i was just waiting for a jumpscare. it was to the point where when i got to the "freedom door", i couldn't  finish it, and i exited the game. overall, i gave it relatively high ratings.

unfortunately, i can't open the game, which means that i can't play or rate it. i apologize.

that's because i did just move the goal around in the same level. it's kind of annoying that you play through the same one, i know, but i realized lv2 would have a much greater effect on teaching the player how the game works if it was the same level with the goal moved, and decided it would be weird for the rest of the game to not follow that same pattern. thanks for the criticism.  

yeah, i have to agree that my music and drawing skills aren't the greatest. i mostly focused on polishing movement and making sure the music didn't kill your ears. the graphics i'm proud of tho, because i usually do even worse. thanks for the criticism.  

Thanks man! I only had about 8 hours left when I found out about the jam, so I’m sorry I couldn’t get much play testing done to work the kinks out of the levels. Also the level you stoped at is the last one! I don’t really implore you to continue, there’s not much of a reward for finishing.

interesting concept, but feels a bit random, and it doesn't really matter what cards i pick because i don't know what the opponent will pick.... AND I LOVE IT 

you move way to slow and the red bullets are really hard to see.

simple, but very addictive!

this game kept me playing for a lonnnng while! hitting the rock just right so it falls back into your hands after killing a bunch of enemys feels GREAT.

really fun, but i feel like you should be able to catch the shot while its still in motion.

this game was really cool! i'll definitely rate it high when the jam starts!