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itch version not gonna get updated?

I believe I don't have to explain what is the bug here, now do I? :P

yeah, i tried to restart the app and computer first thing. And the force quit just stops whatever the app was doing instead of launching the game.


in the essence trials, when you bump into a wall, you can get stuck, cause it'll throw you back, and if there happens to be a wall there, well you're out of luck cause said wall is become your prison and you'll be stuck in that wall or piece of rock.

Yesterday there was a pretty bad storm that hit the power out for a couple minutes.

I was playing one of the games on itch when that happened, now that game and only that game isn't launching from itch desktop app, i can still launch the game from the game folder, but if i try to launch it from itch, it just shows that the game is running, but nothing happens, and there is nothing in the task manager as well.

i hope there is a simple fix to this, since i have a pretty massive amount of games on itch, and i don't want to reinstall and lose them all.

Found another rather annoying bug,  happens when you talk to the npc when they are in front of the door. After conversing they no longer walk around...

so you get stuck.(there is no fast travel function or anything so... rip.)

Stumbled on this in the wichdale, in the cave on the right, when tried to mine, tried it the second time, and it worked just fine.

It froze the game completely, hope this helps ironing stuff out.

Since the name "Ralph" didn't seem familiar, i went and explored the tents... yeah he was in a tent that was previously empty(which is why i didn't bother checking it), you should make some pointers for backtracking like that. Since i thought it was Alfred guy who was the pivotal one(i mean he gives the entrance token to the club, seems kinda pivotal eh?) so most of my time i spent in market, noble, and sewers, districts.

Though it kinda sucks that now my MC is piss poor and with no hp consumables or antidotes left, but i guess that's a part of challenge for me now :D, I'm glad i can continue the game now. If i see any other issues, or bugs possibly, i'll let you know. Thanks for a quick response(honestly thought you'd respond in a month or so, since a lot of devs aren't that active in when it comes to discussions and stuff)

Also a lil question, what stat check is that chest in there? Is it res? Making that guess based on MC talking about poison.
By the way, the VA narration was so good that it's kinda sad that it isn't present in the game more.

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So, for how far i've been able to get in the game, which is basically till the desert city whose name i immediately forgot, got to the inn, and did that, talked to every npc, i could find, did a couple puzzles, dug up one chest, and couldn't dig up the second one(guessing that one is for patrons even though it didn't say that), had the coin/mark that's required to enter that club, but in the noble district you can enter only 3 spots, house that you can explore only the f1, the basement for the sidequest, and the alleyway which leads to sewers.  That quest is stuck, i doubt i'm missing anything since  i spent literally 1.5 HOURS just wandering about the city and the sewers trying to progress, getting poisoned and with no hp and no consumables or gold to spend on them. The guy in sewers is a brick wall after i tried the "seduce" option. MC says he's gonna attack if we keep persisting, but that's what i want.(my guess choosing seduce bricks that sidequest) I'm not sure if this is as far as the game goes at it's current stage, or it's scripted too tightly that scripts break too easily...

I would love to progress in the game, but i see no way. At this point i don't see the point in playing this game because at this point the only things i'm able to get from the game are frustration and anger. At least leave some tips/notes for the quests/sidequests in the journal. It is very frustrating to roam trough every nook and cranny of the city, interact with literally every tile that looks remotely interactable, and still get no progress. I'm out of ideas. Not gonna pick up the game again till i get some ansvers, and honestly, i can't suggest this game to anyone at this point, it feels too raw, and i don't want anyone to go trough what i did. I'm mentally drained from this.

I really wasn't expecting much when i was downloading this, but oh boy did i get a pleasant surprise. It's amazing, writing is good, VA is pretty good as well, except the male ones. Sadly they can't even compare to the female VA's.
I will be waiting in anticipation for chapter 3
A little suggestion if you will, maybe later in the game have ability to morph into human or other creature, and something like treasure hunting side activities, something more... open. So far it feels a bit linear.. maybe adding dungeons, treasure hunting, raiding, maybe some minigames.
I understand that the game is very early in development, but i see a great deal of potentia in it, and i wish to see that potential fulfilled.
Still, amazing job. I'll be looking forward for future updates.

any chance that the download is gonna get solved? Incopatible third-party site thingy..

for some reason i can't download it in launcher, maybe something can be done about that?

can't wait honestly

I just checked the Patreon page and whad'ya know, it's already at Version 0.7.1c

I would really appreciate if you'd update Itch version, since Itch has the automatic updates and this way I don't need to find out that I have played older version while newer version was out already.

I honestly would prefer this one over OFDP simply cause this one ain't stick figures and maybe, later on there will be character customization.

I don't have anything against stick figures, it's just you get tired of them and sometimes two or more enemy sticks just look like one cause their colors are really limited. I see this game as a next step in this formula.