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This was so much fun, I was chuckling through most of the time and THAAANKS BOOOB is gonna be a new catchphrase :P

The ending was brilliant, and the idea itself is really clever. I genuinely think this should be the one to win! 

A very well written and edited TTRPG that makes use of an unconventional setting, straying away from violence and bloodshed, but instead telling the tale of this interesting world where you actually play as animals.

I think most people who are into TTRPG should definitely check it out! It's surprising that it's free to download(though you should definitely be paying) considering the level of content and polish available in this. Not to mention you are likely to get hours of content out of this with a good group of friends.

The team was playing and streaming this to each other yesterday, we really loved it! Reminded me of those Monkey Ball sort of games.

Loved how you used utensils and cutlery as the platforms. It was fantastic! 
Great job! :) 

Thank you! We really appreciate that.

Really glad you liked it :) 

Brilliant, looking forward to it! :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Sadly that was an oversight, blowing away those lamps is definitely supposed to be the main mechanic in the game, which we managed to overlook whilst finalising the final instructions in a hurry.

note: we forgot to put it in the opening! 
But you can press RIGHT or LEFT mouse to take away the lights on your left or right. Those are how you get the score! 

Thank you so much for playing this game! Really appreciate it :)

At the moment we have no plans to continue work on this as it was just a short idea for a game jam, we might someday come back to this game.

For now we are working on another short but interesting free game, stay tuned :) 

Thanks! Appreciate it. 

It was done for a Gamesjam, so it was made in 3-4 days, hence the jankiness.

Thanks a lot for playing again :)

Really like the aesthetics of your game here! I think you have done a cool job!

I genuinely think this is one of the coolest games available on the Jam! Solid work :) 

Thank you so much! It means a lot to us that you enjoyed the game, and took time to play it! 

Rest assured if this was to become a full fledged game, you would definitely be the first to know! :)
Thanks again! 

Really fun! Loving the hand drawn aesthetic.

Always wanted to know what it felt like to be a hoarder, you've made my dream come true!

Thanks dude! Appreciate it! 

I thought that was genuinely very cool! I loved that you went the extra effort putting in the animations, and had a full body mesh going on. 

Love it!