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Thanks for trying RealFit KillerQ, it’s very encouraging to see that you’re finding it to be a really effective workout! The “many routines” and varied exercises is what currently sets us apart from most other VR fitness content out there today and in addition to burning lots of calories we hope you’ll also get a well balanced workout from these different exercises too - with more to come. Thanks again!

thanks, fixed the listing :)

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It could be really helpful for VR content discovery if we could mark our apps and .apk packages as being for the Oculus Quest instead of for Android. This would also improve some of the automatic summaries (e.g. currently Itch adds “for Android” to our RealFit app and packages show an Android icon which may be a bit confusing).

Although technically the Oculus Quest OS is based on Android I don’t think this is necessarily something that most users are aware of and if someone is searching for Android content they are probably looking for content that will run on a phone or tablet.

This is a small selection of apps on that could benefit from this:

I think there may currently be around 40 or more apps in Itch that could benefit from this.

Thanks for any consideration!

Heh, random, I would have guessed similar to Krunchy Fried Games it’d be hard enough connecting with people in the same country but I’m based in Herts, Hemel Hempstead which is pretty darn close :) My DMs are open on Twitter at @robertbragg or @RealFitVR - I’m developing gamified VR fitness content. Can also reach me at