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Wow great game – really fun and clean visuals too!

hahaha this is so accurate. Dont think I've ever had a cat actually satisfied with me in real life. Love the interaction with the cursor for movement – fun idea!

man that gets hard hahah...  really fun... I like the different difficulties! really good stuff

Like the idea of the different puzzles :)

Hey lots of fun haha! I love the ease of hitting things :)

Great stuff – strangely addictive haha... I ended up wanting to keep going to the next challenge

Nice and chill... could see myself mining for hours hahaha

nice bone puns! 

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Love the depth to the story here! Lots of fun hahaha... if you ever get a chance to add sfx or music would definitely give more depth. But really enjoyable just to follow along

Love the concept of this haha! Quite complex too to learn so lots of replayability! Art is really pretty too guys well done.

Thanks MMG! Was lots of fun to work on - Duncan got it all together amazingly after some crazy ideas 😅

ah fair play! Could do some bug testing for you when it's up but all best of luck with the process 😊 Excited to see it when you're all finished (even on pc -i mean like trailers etc) Cheers.

reading through the previous posts.... the reset button works as do the  powerup options.

Hey sorry for the delay! Just downloaded and ran it – Great fun! Love the visuals and the bonus one-time use powers. I like the whole strategy ethic. Only thing I noticed with the build is if I click options at the main menu (not the in-game screen) my laptop ended up very unhappy. But it might just be because it's not a gaming mac. But good stuff really enjoyed it.


This looks so good and so nostalgic... :) Will it be on Mac?

No worries at all! Excited to see it :)

Really liked this game! Loved the use of checkpoints to enable you to reuse one-use buttons, made it a lot more natural to just praying you could manage throughout :) I really enjoyed when the teleport flames come into play early on but unfortunately got stuck at the first moving platform. I found it really tricky – I think I'm supposed to just keep moving when I'm on the platform but I keep falling off as the character moves faster than the platform? I could easily be missing something though. Anyhow, it's really pretty and I like the zen mood it gives while you play. Well done!

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Hey nice game! Really satisfying catching the bombs, etc. The gameplay is really nice and smooth. For some reason I can't seem to get to the next level after the igloo – I might easily be doing something wrong but I can't click go on the level selector for level 2. Let me know if I can do something to check for you. Just checked the comments below and to confirm I was playing the online version on a Mac.

Looks epic! Let me know if you upload a mac version :)

This is really fun! Good gameplay and I like the mechanic of one-off use of tools per level! I'm excited to play it again when the audio is all implemented

Really like the idea but I personally find it a bit of an effort, especially when the right/left/up/down headings disappear early on. (That is just my personal preference though – it's a really nice unusual idea – I think it's really unique and keep a lot of people stimulated) Visuals meanwhile are great. And I like that you chose/opted for a calm music score. Really sets the tone nicely.

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Wow this is really addictive! So frustrating (in a good way) when you get so close. Pretty good setup and I like the concept a lot. Well done – would be great as a phone platformer if you could implement controls some way. Music gets you in the zone too. Feeling pumped haha

Wow this is really addictive! So frustrating (in a good way) when you get so close. Pretty good setup and I like the concept a lot. Well done – would be great as a phone platformer if you could implement controls some way

Nice! I liked it a lot! Really chill and fun. Maybe some chill music in the background if you can get your hands on a composer, just to give it that extra heavenly vibe. The character looks great!