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This was super cute and funny. I love the concept of having the narrator not be the person who got isekai'd.

I was blown away by the amazing quality of the writing! Definitely one of my favorite VNs I've read to date.

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I noticed that as well. However, looking into it, it seems to be a complicated and ever-evolving issue, and I can't find a clear consensus on what term(s) are considered acceptable in the United States, to say nothing of which no-longer-acceptable terms are still in common use anyway. I do know that there are significant differences in nomenclature between the USA and Canada.

I could give my own experience, but I don't think that would be useful as I don't have any specific knowledge of the subject, only what I've heard or read online. The best solution is probably to find someone who does know what they're talking about and ask them.

It looks like the download for Mac is mistakenly marked as Linux-compatible instead of Mac-compatible. This prevents the Itch desktop app from being able to install the game on a Mac, since it doesn't know which file to download.

This was a great story, told through fantastic writing, strong characterization, and an immersive and innovative visual and audio presentation.

Ok, further details: it seems to be caused by a combination of High Sierra (or Sierra) and running Better Touch Tool. Quitting Better Touch Tool eliminates the mouse lag on clicking in Neurovoider. There's an issue in the BTT issue tracker that might possibly be relevant (though obviously I can't be sure):

It seems this bug might not be limited to Neurovoider. I'm now seeing similar mouse locking behavior when clicking in Enter the Gungeon. EtG was fine before I upgraded to High Sierra, so maybe something in the OS update has messed up mouse input. (I didn't buy Neurovoider until after upgrading to High Sierra, so I have no prior behavior to compare to.)

NeuroVoider community · Created a new topic Mouse issues
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I've just started playing Neurovoider using mouse & keyboard controls, but I've noticed an issue with the mouse. Each time I click to fire a weapon, the mouse is locked at its current position for half a second afterward, meaning that I cannot adjust my aim during that time. The game itself continues running smoothly during this half second. It just doesn't allow the mouse to move. Since this happens on every mouse click, it makes any tap-fire weapon basically unusable, as well as any rapid-fire weapon that I want to fire sporadically in order to conserve energy.

There's also second unrelated issue that I see with the mouse aiming. After moving the mouse, the camera slowly pans to look in whatever direction the player is now facing. However, as the camera pans, the mouse moves with it, forcing me to constantly adjust my aim just to keep pointing at the location I originally pointed at. To give an example of a game that gets this right, consider Enter the Gungeon. That game has a very similar control scheme, and a similar camera-panning feature to extend your vision range in the direction you are aiming. However, when moving the mouse, the camera always pans in lockstep with the mouse and only moves when the mouse moves, so once you place the mouse on a location, the mouse stays there. This issue is more minor than the first one, which is clearly a bug, but it is also exacerbated by the first issue, since this issue requires me to constantly adjust my aim, while the first issue prevents me from doing exactly that.

Anyway, I'm going to try playing with a controller and see if that works better, but I really prefer mouse aiming for this kind of game, so I'd like to see these issues fixed if possible.

In case it matters, I'm playing on a 2012 Macbook Pro with Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra installed. I'd be happy to provide any additional information you need in order to debug this.