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I have joined Week 228 and I got a little bit late to submit my game. I don’t have access to internet for a few days. Can I submit throughtout the voting period or is there a number of days after the game jam ends?

I am joining this game jam called Devtober and they gave us a tip that we should post an update about our game everyday. And I think I will use itch’s devlog system in this jam. Do the game needs to be in published so that people can see my devlog?

Yes. But if you have a different limitation than the one that got picked, then you have to change your idea.

Viper’s bae


Hi! It’s good to see an indie game developer on the same country. Like you, I also dreamed to be a game developer when I was young. Seeing how you have struggled in your journey, I am inspired to do and finish my projects. Hoping one day to meet you in person so that I can learn more from you! Good luck on the game. I’ll try it sometime when I can download it on my pc.

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Hi guys. I’m from the Philippines. Game development was my dream since I was a kid. Started on Warcraft’s world editor, I finally found knowledge to program and courage to try some game engines. I just started this January and will decide to commit myself to game development as my life time career.