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Sorry to say, I was unable to finish or get a demo complete. I reworked the inventory and battle system multiple times, before I settled on something that worked alright and even that didn't work super well. Either way, this video shows the level of completion I got to on the project.

- I got more practice doing dialogue engines, and I think the one I made for this game actually works pretty well. The code and processes can be cleaned up, but besides some user error in the video writing the dialogue, it ended up working exactly the way I wanted it to.
- I could definitely add more too it though, like effects and things, transitions, etc.
- The battle system at the end, was pretty simple coding wise, and it "worked" to a degree.
- I didn't spend enough time planning out the systems. I had vague ideas and implemented them, then spent weeks fixing them to the point where they were actually interesting.
- I planned on having a smallish world with lots of puzzles and battling, you'd get randomly generated tiles to equip to your characters, the placement of the tiles would also affect and be effected by other characters tiles. I thought it was an interesting way to build a party, but it either was too complex or too simplistic in nature and hard to balance.

That's a cool website, I didn't know it existed. Anyway, glad you joined the jam, looks like you have an interesting concept so far, any idea on the story yet?

I like the way it looks so far, looking forward to seeing what the missions and combat are like.

Thanks again for the response! I'm still just working on systems so there is very little content at the moment. I did mostly finish the dialogue system. It's similar to Earthbound's and allows variable text speed, pauses, etc. to make the dialogue more speech-like.

The last few major items to take care of are:
- Inventory/Character management
- Battle Message System (just a variation on the regular message system)
- Finish the battle system

After that, I can really get into making the actual content, hah.

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Thanks for the feedback! I added the water edge tiles, though assume the graphics are a mix of finished, unfinished, and partially finished. The way the combat is going to work is you set position every turn, select an action and then it goes through the actions. It's not implemented yet, but position will affect accuracy, power of attack, etc

There's still a lot of work left on all the systems, and then I need to finished the layouts and such. I feel like I probably won't reach the deadline, but my goal is to actually finish this game (even though I don't know who's still doing this...)

Also, the enemies don't do anything at the moment, but for the most part I can copy-paste everything from the main character code. So, ideally, in the final game they will be setting position and stuff based on what makes sense (something simple like high defense, high hp in the front, high mag and characters with projectile abilities in the back.

Yeah, Pyxel Edit is great for tiling, but I like Aseprite for animations and because it's super fast and easy to use. I get a lot of use out of both actually. But yeah, it's tricky to do stuff like the water tiles without Pyxel Edit.

Puzzle and Movement

Water Tiles

Battle System 0.01

[Update] The groundwork for the battle system is done, though a decent amount of work still needs to be done. The last big thing I need to make is a simple dialogue/scene engine and then I can really start building more on the game. I also finalized the resolution (NES Res now instead of widescreen) and started settling on a graphical style.

Sorry for the delay, busy weekend. I posted my own topic, but I'm using Game Maker Studio for the game and Pyxel Edit and Aseprite for the art.

Not sure of the name yet, but I have the basic movement and tile systems down. I'm using Game Maker Studio 1, Aseprite and Pyxel Edit.

I'm hoping to make a smaller game with emphasis on finding secrets and solving puzzles.

Looks good so far! I like the menus, they remind me of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. The graphics on the houses also look nice, although I think maybe a little darker contrast would help, as they look a little soft, but that could also change with different background tiles.

Is it an action rpg or turn-based?

Either way, looks good so far.

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Not much here, just basic movement, you can push the blue blocks, etc. Just getting started.

Sounds good, I've slowly been working on mine as well, will probably make a post later.

Anyone participating?