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Sorry to say, I was unable to finish or get a demo complete. I reworked the inventory and battle system multiple times, before I settled on something that worked alright and even that didn't work super well. Either way, this video shows the level of completion I got to on the project.


- I got more practice doing dialogue engines, and I think the one I made for this game actually works pretty well. The code and processes can be cleaned up, but besides some user error in the video writing the dialogue, it ended up working exactly the way I wanted it to.
- I could definitely add more too it though, like effects and things, transitions, etc.
- The battle system at the end, was pretty simple coding wise, and it "worked" to a degree.
- I didn't spend enough time planning out the systems. I had vague ideas and implemented them, then spent weeks fixing them to the point where they were actually interesting.
- I planned on having a smallish world with lots of puzzles and battling, you'd get randomly generated tiles to equip to your characters, the placement of the tiles would also affect and be effected by other characters tiles. I thought it was an interesting way to build a party, but it either was too complex or too simplistic in nature and hard to balance.