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Thanks for the feedback! I added the water edge tiles, though assume the graphics are a mix of finished, unfinished, and partially finished. The way the combat is going to work is you set position every turn, select an action and then it goes through the actions. It's not implemented yet, but position will affect accuracy, power of attack, etc

There's still a lot of work left on all the systems, and then I need to finished the layouts and such. I feel like I probably won't reach the deadline, but my goal is to actually finish this game (even though I don't know who's still doing this...)

Also, the enemies don't do anything at the moment, but for the most part I can copy-paste everything from the main character code. So, ideally, in the final game they will be setting position and stuff based on what makes sense (something simple like high defense, high hp in the front, high mag and characters with projectile abilities in the back.